I beat the week

This week kicked my ass for two main reasons. The refinery decided to take a crap. I also happened to start a new job, and this new job placed me right in line with that crap. At one point I told a co-worker of mine, “I might have to schedule a meeting with myself just to make sure I have time to go to the bathroom.” That was my work week. Long, busy hours and not enough sleep.

My workout schedule also took a step change (up) this week. Thus far I have been pretty content on the 0.9 mile/day run program. I’ve found that I can maintain my weight by managing what I eat and running for, well, 10 minutes a day. Then I lose a little weight once a week on yoga day. This is very manageable. But not good enough for my all or nothing personality.

So I signed up for a hip hop class. The signing up took place several weeks ago, and class just so happened to begin this week. Of all weeks. I could probably write a blog just about hip hop class, but I don’t have time so I’ll just share a few highlights:

1) The teacher had a completely opposite teaching style than I do, and I did not like this. When I was coaching cheerleading I taught many a dances, and I always used the 1 to 8 count approach. You know, the routine might go to a soundtrack like, “1, 2 and 3, 4, 5, 6 hold 7, 8…1, 2” etc. This instructor used the boom to boom count approach. I hadn’t a clue what move was supposed to happen when until he turned the music on at like 100 times the speed.

2) The ab workout…oh my God the ab workout. All I need to say about this is I just about cracked my skull open on the decline when I hit it on the wood floor. I also woke the next day to find my muscles were about the sorest they have ever been. My neck muscles of course.

3) The 90 minute class ran 20 minutes over.

With that said, it was a good workout. That was Wednesday night. Thursday night was yoga night (Ahhh yoga!! I like you so much better than hip hop!!). Today is Friday and I have already completed a 2 mile run. These are my results:

My neck hurts (sit ups), my chest hurts (push ups), my back hurts (yoga), my legs hurt (but only a little) and my elbows hurt (I have no idea). My Monday morning weigh in was 117.6 lb / 19.5% body fat. My Friday morning weigh in was 114.4 lb / 18.4% body fat. Say what?!?! I officially need new jeans (YES!!) and as soon as I click ‘Publish’ I’m off to Vegas!

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