This is your moment to suck!

This is what a lady in my hip hop class shouted out on Wednesday right after Mighty’s pep talk. Mighty is the main hip hop instructor. He is the one that thinks boom is a number (as referenced in this post). Mighty is an interesting little man. I say little because he’s fairly small. Mostly in height (kind of in frame, but he’s clearly done a lot of working out to remedy that).

Now I’m also fairly small in height, and I like to say I make up for that in height of character. I would bet Mighty would say the same thing (He does call himself Mighty after all). Sitting a few inches past 60 is a multi-colored (purple and hot pink I believe) mohawk. And lying just below that – all the musings that fused together into the pep talk.

Now I can’t remember exactly how it went. But I do remember mention of 80-year-old water skiiers, crotchety dancers and how we needed to wade through suck to become any good.

(Be forewarned, my engineering tendencies come out in this next paragraph.)

I suppose this was good advice. I took it to heart yesterday evening after my…drum roll please…0.95 mile run. (This is a 5.6% increase from the 0.88 mile daily run I had been doing. Yes, this whole time the 0.9 mile run has actually been 0.88 miles.) For some crazy reason I decided to time myself. I gave it my all and felt like I was running at a pretty good clip. I even kept my pace on the uphill! But alas, it took me 8 minutes and 28 seconds. Normalized to a full mile, that’s an 8:55 minute/mile pace. An unsustainable beyond 1 mile 8:55 minute/mile pace.

I wanted to feel disappointed. But then I remembered Mighty and my fellow hip hopper. This was just my moment to suck. Just a little more wading and I’ll be good.

(Also note that in a couple weeks I’ll post a link to the video of our hip hop class and you will see. I suck at that too.)


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