Marathon Inception

When I picked up my race bib for the San Francisco Marathon – 5K the other week they gave me a goodie bag. For those of you that don’t know, in the racing world “goodie” is synonymous with “flyer.” And one of the “goodies” in my bag was an advertisement for TeamChallenge.

TeamChallenge, in a nutshell, is an endurance training program that raises money for the Chron’s and Colitis Foundation. Much like Team In Training. So I read the flyer, set it aside and forgot about it…

Or did I?

In retrospect, I think Leonardo DiCaprio must have placed that goodie in my flyer bag. The Leonardo DiCaprio recently seen in the movie Inception that is. Because the idea of TeamChallenge, however small, stuck. It camped out, stretching its limbs and making itself comfortable in the couch cushions of my subconscious. And from there it grew. It grew from after thought to curiousity. Curiousity to mild interest. Mild interest to serious consideration. And finally, serious consideration to excitement.

And excitement was my state of mind when I walked into the info meeting last night. Here I will sum up the entire info session by saying that info was distributed and jump to the end of the session. To the part where I signed up. Eeek!

That means I will officially begin training for the Rock ‘N Roll Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon! Which is far less intimidating than all the fundraising I now have to do…wish me luck!

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