This one’s for you Laura

I like Bikram yoga because it’s hot. You “warm up” your muscles to the max and this makes it easier to go to your deepest. (That’s what they say…”Go to your deepest.”) It’s also harder, and that gets your heart rate up. It’s strength building AND a cardio workout.

The heat also makes you sweat. A lot. What did that mean for me today? Well, I should note that I dyed my hair this past Saturday. Bright red. Which means today I dyed a couple towels red. No big deal. It only interfered with my practice once when it started running into my eyes. Yikes!

I also ended up next to a rather large, rather hairy man. No problem. We come in all shapes and sizes. Except for he was SUPER stinky! But let’s keep things positive. At least it wasn’t….


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