I’m a travelin’ machine

I’m struggling with how I should start this post and debating between several openers:

1. Oh the roller coaster ride that is my hip… Remember how I was doing pretty well, all things considered? Well, that was like the climb before the free fall.

2. Instead of blogging, I really should be…packing! That’s right. We’re off to Portland this weekend! Just because.

3. My September calendar’s got racin’ fever! I’ll be kicking it off this Sunday with the Pints to Pasta 10K.

Followed by the Oyster Urban Adventure on 9/26 as a proud member of team “Fitz Fitzgerald and the Babettes.”

And I’m still trying to rope a friend into a 5K the following Saturday. (Wups…I guess that’s October…2nd to be specific.) Maybe this one in Golden, CO? Followed by a little Coors lab? Anyone? Anyone out there want to run this with me?

4. This post looks like it’s shaping up into a Three Things Thursday. Except for now I have four so I’ll just move on to…

5. I recently reconfigured my workout schedule to include an enormous number of rest days. So as to compensate for item number 1. This means my training to racing ratio is extremely low. This week especially in order to gear up for Sunday. I really should set a goal of finishing uninjured, but the truth is I would like to finish under 59:00 min. Sitting on the couch is actually driving me crazy because I feel like I’m just getting slower with each passing day.

6. I went to a TeamChallenge fundraising workshop tonight. From the way everyone talks I feel like the experienced runner of the group, which is so totally opposite of what I expected. I haven’t actually run with the group yet, but I’m tentatively planning on walking a large portion of the group runs. Using them more for rest and relationship building than training.

If you have yet to read about why I joined TeamChallenge you can do so here. And you’re always welcome to donate here.

2 thoughts on “I’m a travelin’ machine

  1. Questions: 1) Are you really going to Golden? 2) How long will you be there? 3) When will we be hanging out? Because I'll totally put up with 4 hours of kids in the car to hang out with you.

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