My glass is half full…of poison

I feel like my last several posts have reeked of negativity. So, naturally, I will keep with this theme.

I had an awful week! You already know about my unfortunate yoga practice on Tuesday.

Then I almost lost it at work on Wednesday. I had to console myself privately with phrases like, “Just breathe Laura. Just calm down and breathe.” I blame my near loss of cool on a co-worker I will, well, not name because this is the internet after all. Anyone who knows me in real life will, undoubtedly, know who I am talking about. And you will also secretly wish I had lost my cool. Because, let’s face it, no one likes nasty, unnamed co-worker.

Thursday I developed an(other unnamed) affliction. I will spare you the gory details and share just a few bullets:
  • It’s not serious. So that’s good.
  • It is uncomfortable and somewhat inconvenient (Read – As of now, I still plan on going to the Team Challenge group run tomorrow morning, but I’m a little worried about how running for longer than 30 minutes is going to go…especially with the fever I appear to be developing.).
  • I am now on prescription strength antibiotics.

Okay. Now that that’s out of my system, I’ll try to drink a little from the other half of the glass.

How big is the pain in my ass? I dare say my hips are at a 0/0. (I should clarify that the pain I experience is muscle pain and not joint pain.)

It’s Friday. Which means I don’t have to work for the entirety of the next two days.

I noticed this little rose peeking out from behind the fence just outside our kitchen window this afternoon. Can you believe it grew that tall? Credits go to Jason, my husband and gardener extraordinaire!

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