Turn that frown upside down!

I’m ‘chicken pecking’ this post. Typing with my right hand only. Because of this bad boy.

I sprayed hot oil all over my forearm flipping over a fish filet tonight. I can assure you there was much yelping, cursing, and maybe even a few tears. But I survived. Not only that. I refuse to drink from my glass half full of poison! Instead I will focus on the ingenious engineering behind the contraption (displayed above) that kept my arm iced all evening.

I will also focus on the marvelous product of my blood and sweat. (Not because I intend to become a food blogger, but to reassure myself that my sacrifice was not in vain.) Tilapia, kale, gold beets, walnuts, balsamic red wine reduction and goat cheese. Mmm!

Also-I will not complain about the poorly marked Team Challenge group run routes! So I ran past the turnaround for the second out of two runs this past Saturday morning? No problem. It makes for good post run fodder. I should listen to my teammate that said, “We need a GPS tracking device for Laura!” Perhaps it’s time I bought myself a Garmin?!

Instead, I’ll tell you about what an awesome run I had. I managed to keep up with a couple other runners this time, despite the extra distance and the rumbling in my tummy. No need to even mention how my antibiotic induced nausea progressed to full fledged diarrhea and vomitus Saturday afternoon. No need. (Who advertises their bowels over the internet anyway?) All that matters is that my affliction AND those meds are gone!

Gone in time for Tuesday yoga. And what a fabulous yoga day it was. One of the best I’ve had in a long time. Not only that. How big is the pain in my ass? Today I’m a 0/0!

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