Birthday feet

Twenty-eight years and two days ago a beautiful thing happened. Yours truly was born! Two days ago I celebrated my birth with a 10 mile run. It was not as beautiful.

By “it” I mean both the run and my feet. I nearly had a mental breakdown at about mile 7.5. I was tired, facing yet another hill and my feet were burning! By the time I reached the top I wanted to cry. Literally.

Side note – I don’t know what the deal is. I’ve never had issues with blisters or calluses before (I’m actually not entirely sure which one I have). My shoes aren’t new. And the new, non-cotton, running socks I bought in an attempt to remedy my funky feet were of ZERO help. Tips anyone? I’m all ears.

By the time I reached mile 8, I’d had enough. All I wanted to do was stop, flop onto my stomach and kick and scream and cry like a two-year-old. I mean, I was mad! Instead, I acted like the twenty-eight-year-old that I was an told myself to, “Suck it up!” As it turned out, anger was just what I needed to power up THE NEXT hill. And my desire to get that freakin’ run over with got me through the last mile or so.

The results – sore calves, a sore right hip and a super sore…shoulder? Your guess is as good as mine. The good news – there’s nothing better than a little yoga and a bloggy rest day to recover.

Since my birthday run wasn’t the most fabulous, I figured I’d give P’s a try! (Don’t let her fool you – she’s anything but average!)

And since you probably don’t want to see a picture of my feet, how about a couple from my birthday dinner last Saturday night?


7 thoughts on “Birthday feet

  1. Happy Birthday!!I have no advice about your socks, I've been pretty lucky as far as my feet go. I hope you find something that works.Thanks for the shout out!! 🙂

  2. Happy belated birthday!Usually when I start getting blisters and my feet start hurting it's because my shoes are worn out. When's the last time you bought new running shoes? I can recommend a good pair of Nikes. 😉 But honestly if it's been a while, I'd invest in a new pair. The other trick I use is putting vasaline on the spots that are rubbing. Are you going to do the Maui half? Jealous!

  3. Happy Birthday…a little late! The blisters could be the shoes or the socks. I used to think blisters were just going to happen but my husband was tired of my disgusting feet and ordered me new socks (I had 'real' running socks so I didn't think it was them) and they really helped. He searched for them somehow based on socks to prevent blisters. They are called Bridgedale, I think. White with blue/grey patches. THey have helped me.

  4. Wait, when did a 10 mile run become a way to celebrate? I always thought it was a punishment. Oh well. You enjoy your running and I'll have a slice of cake over here while I think of you.

  5. Sorry I'm late, but Happy Birthday!! You're not looking any older, but you sure are lookin' rather sophisticated! Hope you had a! What? That doesn't fit. I hope you had a proper celebration afterward. 🙂

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