Pracing with friends and dinosaurs

I have a Turkey Trot 5K race recap to write up. But first I’m going to write about a 5K I haven’t run. The Pteranodon Ptrot.

A few weeks ago I told one of my best friends from college, Elsha, that she should run a race with me. See, I have a tasty habit of trying to get everyone I know to run races with me. But I mostly figured Elsha would scoff at me the way she did every time I ran out the door in college saying, “Want to go for a run with me?”

But then a curious thing happened. Elsha caved. She agreed to run (specifically) the Pteranodon Ptrot on the condition that I travel to Grand Junction, Colorado, the town in which both Elsha and the race resides. And let me tell you what my first reaction was…

“How the hell do you pronounce Pteranodon?!” In case that was your reaction as well, it sounds kind of like tyrannosaurus rex, only replacing “saurus rex” with “dawn.” Also, make sure to (mis)pronounce the “tyran” more like “teran”. And so I went, with phonetic confidence, considering Elsha’s proposition over the next several days.

I even told Kelsea, “Elsha has suggested I fly to Colorado to run the “Ter-an-o-dawn P-trot.”
“Are you going to do it?”
“I’m considering it.”
“Where is it?”
“Oh my God, the other P is silent!” Genius.

Now here’s my dilemma. As much as I would love to run the Pteranodon Ptrot, I’m having trouble justifying a trip for it. I could see buying a plane ticket for a half marathon. Maybe even a 10K I’ve always wanted to run. But a 5K? I don’t know. And if I fly out to Colorado I should see my parents, right? Only problem is they’re in Denver. Not Grand Junction.

So ELSHA. After much diliberation, I have several counter offer options for you to ponder.

1) Why not just run a half marathon instead? Now before you immediately trash this idea, know that you can totally do this. I’m going to throw out two races that are almost a year away. That’s plenty of time to build the endurance, and we can go as slow as you want. I’ve already talked about running one with Stacey next fall/winter, and she’s only running 1 mile at a time now. We could have a college reunion!!

There’s the Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Half Marathon on 10/9/11. It’s $85 if we sign up before 5/31/11. Or we could run the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon sometime in August. Early registration for the 2010 race cost $35.

2) I have always wanted to run the Bolder Boulder. It’s a 10K on Memorial Day. Shorter distance, but less time to prep.

3) I will probably travel back to Denver to recruit at Mines sometime next September or October. We could run a 5K around Denver while I’m in town. I’m not sure how things will line up next year, but this year I was in town the weekend of Race for the Cure.

4) I will run the Pteranodon Ptrot if you wear a dinosaur costume like this one.

Let the bartering begin.


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