A few highlights

1. After I kicked the turkey’s ass in the Walnut Creek 5K, I got to thinking that I might be underestimating myself. Really what I’m saying here is that I’m afraid to set goals there’s a chance I can’t reach. And that’s stupid. Life’s about taking risks, right?

This is what I was thinking when our Team Challenge coach gave his schpeal on how, “It’s okay to run in a place that’s uncomfortable.” Right. It’s not a question of what I can do and what I can’t do. It’s a question of comfort. The 5K showed me how much more I’m capable of if I let myself become “uncomfortable.”

And this is what I was thinking when I opened up my Google Reader and saw this post on the Oh Healthy Day blog. I stopped thinking, and I decided. I’m shooting for a sub 2 hour half marathon in Las Vegas. I’m going for it. THIS SUNDAY.

2. Our Team Challenge coach also gave us a stern lecture on not wearing anything new on race day. I listened quietly, knowing full well that I plan on wearing a new shirt and two new pairs of socks. Yes, two. These socks are my next anti-blister plan of attack. I feel so rebellious.

3. My calves hurt for 4 days after the Walnut Creek Turkey Trot.

4. I did some speed work on the track on Saturday anyway. I was pretty excited to get out there during the daylight. Unfortunately all that meant was I was able to see all the puddles, mud, goose poop and random benches and tables really well. I had to jump back and forth between the track and football field. And, not surprisingly, managed to slide in the mud and fall down halfway through my first 800m. Beautiful.

5. I love 105 degree yoga in the winter. This is exactly where I wanted to be last night.

6. I went for a cold, dark 5 mile run tonight. I took a handheld flashlight. Pretty sure I looked like a strobe light running down the street. An elementary-school-aged boy out collecting the mail sprinted back into his house when he saw me coming. Intimidated by my beauty probably. Oh puberty.

7. My calves are sore again.

8. I’m pretty excited for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon this weekend.

9. It’s been ages since I got a haircut. My color is looking a little dull too. What do you think? Brown or light red?


Dark red?


Bright red?


Or blonde highlights?


9 thoughts on “A few highlights

  1. You look really good in all of those haircolors! I think my favorite is the dark red.I can't wait to hear how you kick Vegas' ass with a sub-2. You completely rock.I'm still laughing at #6!!

  2. Good luck this weekend – I'm sure it'll be a blast with all the bands, etc.! I've never tried wearing 2 pairs of socks! Are you wearing them simultaneously, or switching out sometime mid-race when the first pair get sweaty? I've never heard of that before & want to know how it works out!

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