Pick on someone your own size

I’m thinking about changing the name of my blog to, “I’d (probably) rather be Kelsea.” I’ve already painted blog-character-Kelsea like Superwoman (here and here), and she’s about to get even more kudos in this post.

You see, we’ve had this on-going debate about whether it’s acceptable to tell someone it looks like they’ve lost weight. Kelsea always maintained that it’s rude because it’s really saying, “I recognized that you were fatter before.” I always considered it a compliment on the accomplishment of losing the weight. Today I joined Kelsea’s team.

Before I tell you about how I was recruited, let me start with some background info. My calves and my quads are feeling a little sore after my (maybe too?) speedy 5 mile run Wednesday. I went to yoga yesterday thinking it would help, but I think it just made it worse. And I’m kind of freaking out about it. I have this half marathon thing on Sunday, and I want my legs to be fresh.

So at 9:00 pm last night I ate an entire Chipotle burrito. I woke up this morning, shovelled my usual oatmeal into my mouth and washed it down with a donut. Before I knew it I was sitting across the lunch table from Jason. Four tacos in and I was swirling rice and beans around my American proportioned plate.

Me: “I’m stuffed.”
Jason (sarcastically): “Well, you should probably keep eating then.”
Me: “I have this weird and surely inaccurate notion that if I eat more my muscles will heal faster.”
Jason: “I think it’s probably just going to make you poop more.”

Despite my better judgement and unsettled stomach, I finished my plate and went back to work. Funny that this afternoon, of all afternoons, would be the afternoon that one of my co-workers would decide to tell me that I’m losing too much weight.

What followed was a pretty awkward and unpleasant conversation, during which I tried to explain that while I have lost some weight I’m neither currently losing or trying to lose weight. He came back with a nice, little lecture on how, “losing weight can be good, but there comes a point…” blah blah blah. Argghhh!!!

I wanted to scream at him, “Look buddy! I know! That’s why I’m not on a diet! That’s why I always eat when I’m hungry! I just happen to run a lot, and I happen to not have fat genes. Go mind your own scale!”

I’ve had a number of people comment on my weight over the last several months. Today was just the last straw. Some comments have been complimentary, but some have been subtly insulting. And a couple, like this one, have been directly offensive and condescending. So now I agree with Kelsea. Please do not comment on my weight, unless you want to tell me the things I know are true. I am healthy. I am strong. My body is capable and smokin’ hot.

Anyway, he must have sensed my frustration because he tried to recover by saying, “Maybe it’s your hair that’s different.” What a ridiculous thing to say. We all know it’s been ages since I did anything to my hair.

3 thoughts on “Pick on someone your own size

  1. I think people tend to get a little insulting when they're jealous of the weight loss. Like, at first, Hey- good for you! And then, Hey- you're making the rest of us lazy slobs look bad!

  2. Good for you for standing up for yourself. I've noticed that people find it easy to make comments about people being too thin. It would be completely inappropriate to tell someone they need to lose weight yet it's okay to tell someone they are too thin. How is that fair? I have been in the exact same boat! Amen, sista!

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