The eye of the storm

I’ve been a little remiss in posting this week. But only because I didn’t want to bore you. You need only to look to my blog title to know what I’ve been up to.

I did also make it to yoga once. Superwoman (That’s what Kelsea and I call her.) was teaching and I barely made it out alive. The room is always unquestionably hotter when she teaches. And I laced up my tired, old pair of Adidas’ once. The plan was to run one mile, but I was feeling so good I decided to go crazy and run two. How about that?

I did leave one unfortunate detail out of my Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas race report. My extreme knee pain. I started to feel it during the race but pushed through it. Which probably wasn’t the best thing to do, because it only grew increasingly worse throughout the rest of the day. I was kind of bummed out about this because I’ve never really had knee problems before and wasn’t really interested in starting.

The good news is it was completely gone by Tuesday and held up just fine during my run. And I only felt the very slightest twinge of irritation during one yoga pose. Still, I’m going to take it easy through the rest of the month. You might catch me cuddled on the couch, eating bags of Christmas cookies, watching Home Alone and enjoying this guy! (Don’t worry. I have big off-the-couch plans for 2011…)


Points go to anyone who names our tree topper.

4 thoughts on “The eye of the storm

  1. Is it Shrek? I can't see.You deserve a break Laura. But I would advise to try and keep up your 1 mile a day or January 2011 will be painful. (don't hate me) Great job this year! Enjoy the cookies.

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