The limiting factor

Once upon a time I was a weight lifter. Nothing hardcore, just a few curls here and a few presses there. When I found a weight especially heavy I also found it especially difficult NOT to make this face. (Note that I’m lifting the left side of my upper lip in the picture below. My involuntary lips curls were always on the right side of my upper lip. This will be important later…)


But then I stopped lifting weights and Elvis Presley left my lips. Until now. For the last week or so he’s crept back in every time I try and pull my leg much higher than my head in this pose. (Picture featuring random internet lady.)

Standing bowCredit

The curious thing about this phenomena is that I can’t actually raise the right side of my upper lip on my own accord. If I make an attempt it ends up looking like this.


I’m not sure which is more embarassing. Making an Elvis face in yoga class or posting these pictures on the internet. Seriously. I look really bad.

8 thoughts on “The limiting factor

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Omg, I'm laughing so hard right now! Even funnier, I have that exact same lip phenomenon – can't lift the right side on purpose, but it's the one that moves when I'm lifting. Note to self, keep lips in control while doing yoga…good to know!

  2. Hello.. Can you please tell me if there is any word in the dictionary to describe this. When some one pulls their upper lip or like sideways as in dissing. I am a English learner. Thank you 🙂

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