One cannot go wrong with a Harry Potter reference

It’s January 3rd and I still haven’t posted anything about my 2011 goals. Hard to believe considering they were selected, chiseled in stone and sung by a fat lady about a month ago. So what’s the hold up? My stupid ass knee. That’s what.

Up until my last run I was under the delusion that a month of light running and yoga would be remedy enough. But it wasn’t. So I’m rewriting my goals before I fail.

Giving up before I even started is a bummer. But that’s life, right? Nothing, especially a training plan, goes as planned. What’s worse is the panic that seems to have taken hold of me. Maybe there’s a vagabond dementor camped out on my couch that my muggle eyes can’t see. Or maybe my company’s safety slogan has finally sunk in: “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Because all I can seem to think is:


Pretty please – with sugar and a cherry on top – tell me I’m being ridiculous.


4 thoughts on “One cannot go wrong with a Harry Potter reference

  1. you are being rediculous…plus the fact that you are so worried means that you actually like it! of course you will run again, because you are now, by definition, a "runner.

  2. Since we're going with the HP theme here, I'll say, "Riddikulus!" You will be fine.Have you seen a Sports Medicine doctor? Or a PT? They can work magic. *groan* Siriusly, though, don't give up before you start. You have great things in store this year, I know it!

  3. Ugh, I know this feeling! But I was being ridiculous and so are you! If you can break it, you can fix it! It just might need a little more time than you would like…

  4. I hope you're being ridiculous– it's never fair when people who love running can't do it and people like me with perfectly fine knees avoid it at all costs. Also, I would second the recommendation to see a Sports Medicine or PT person. There's a reason that that stuff is it's own speciality.

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