This post is about yoga

I was all set up to tell you about our ski trip Friday. About how I was surprised with free ski rentals, and how my knee didn’t start hurting until the afternoon.


That’s not me. Please. I have too much fear for those shenanigans. No, I make desperate pleas like, “Let’s just not go on a black for the first run,” and then try to keep up when the adrenaline junkies don’t listen. I’m far better at these kinds of poses.


But I didn’t get around to blogging on Saturday. So then I was going to tell you about my (what turned out to be) 7.7 mile run on Sunday. I was going to tell you how I stocked my iPod full of soothing music and made myself run slow. About how I didn’t feel any knee pain until mile 7.25.

I would have mentioned that my training plan (the one I put together before the reality of my limitations set in) called for 8 miles. I so badly wanted to finish! But I reminded myself of my goals and stopped when a twinge turned into something more.

I even considered blogging about breaking out my new headlamp for a fast, pain-free 3 mile run tonight. And how I SWEAR it started to snow! Ever so slightly…But all I ever write about is running. So I’ve decided to make this post about yoga. Yesterday – after waiting in line 15 minutes to change into a sports bra and an itty bitty pair of shorts – I realized I left my water bottle in my car. Have you ever worked out for 90 minutes in 105 degrees without water? I have now.


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