Now that’s impressive

I like to think I can do a thing or two. For starters, I can run. I can also do those cheerleader jumps where you stradle and touch your toes. I’m fairly good at balancing on one leg. And can even pull the other one in various directions at the same time. Can you roll your tongue in a loop? Well I can roll mine in three.

But there are some things I can’t do. Like whistle. Or raise one eyebrow. Or wink. I just can’t close one eye without the other one feeling left out. Also, I cannot sit up. Who knows how I manage to get out of bed each morning…

I only recently discovered my handicap and I’m still coping with it. Kelsea (my good friend and fitness hero) told me about the two hundred sit-ups program and I immediately jumped on board.

two hundred sit-ups

The first step of the program is the “initial test.” All this test consists of is doing as many sit-ups as you can in a row. Way back when I tried out for cheerleading as a high school freshman I did 80+ sit-ups in one minute. And this test didn’t even have a time limit. Piece of cake.

I did 22.

That was Friday. Come Tuesday I was ready to start Week 1.

I did 2.


7 thoughts on “Now that’s impressive

  1. Yeah, I remember doing that test back in middle school I think, and pulling off like 65 in a minute. Now I literally can't do one. Not in good form anyway. Crazy.

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