Double up and down

I made up for my extra rests days with a double day on Tuesday. I raced around the local high school track for awhile after work (where I was repeatedly lapped by the girls soccer team) and followed it up with a 90 minute yoga sweat-fest!

It was…kind of intense. (I don’t plan on making a habit of this.) But also fiercely rewarding. Walking into yoga already tired actually helped me stay calm and control my breathing. And for once I didn’t rush out of the heat at the first mention of, “Namaste.” (Probably because I was too exhausted to stand up.)

Part of the reason I decided to double down on Tuesday was because I had Team Challenge plans last night. I met up with a teammate from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas half marathon and crashed a support group for Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis. What a beautiful group of people.

I don’t plan on fundraising for the next Team Challenge event, but will be busy recruiting others. Starting, well, yesterday. But continuing this Saturday at The Dam Run. I received an email today asking for volunteers for two more races. I went back and forth and back and forth before deciding to double up! If you live in the Bay Area and happen to be running any of these races, swing by the Team Challenge booth and say hi!

Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon & 5K
Sunday, 2/6/11


YMCA Chinese New Year 5K & 10K
Sunday, 2/13/11


Oh but that’s not all. I stopped by the grocery store on my way home from work today. When I went to put the groceries away I found the cupboards already stocked. Now I have TWO boxes of Frosted Mini-Wheats and TWO bottles of pancake syrup. Looks like the kitchen elf beat me to the grocery store. (Couldn’t have been Jason. We have plenty of beer.)

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