Life’s necessities

I got out of work at that awkward time today. The time that meant I couldn’t make the 4:30 yoga class, but would be way too early for the 6:15 class. I drove to the studio anyway and found myself a comfortable parking spot.

After about 10 minutes of waiting in the car I got a text message from Jason telling me to “have fun in my stinky yoga class”. I haven’t seen much of him lately between his schedule (work) and mine (work…ing out).

So I texted back, “I miss you. You should come.”
“I miss you too. You should skip it and hang out tonight.”

And all of a sudden I was driving home.

This got me thinking about subconscious decision making. Have you ever tried to motivate yourself through a tough run with encouraging words like, “You’re doing great. Just keep running. You’ve got this. You’re doing it.” And then all of a sudden you’re walking?

I spent five years putting on 15 pounds and intermittently attempting and failing to get back in shape. Then one day I was eating right and running again. (And blogging about it…where did that come from?) I don’t remember deciding to do any of these things.

Sometimes you just don’t have to think about the things you need most in life. Like this guy. Isn’t he cute?


11 thoughts on “Life’s necessities

  1. He is adorable:)!!!! Girl, I totally understand. This morning I stayed in bed to hang out with billy rather than working out and I am so happy I did!! We are going to remember the people on our death beds, not the workouts! YOU ARE AMAZING AND SO GORGEOUS!!! You are inspiring me to try hot yoga!!! Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left me today! MADE MY DAY!!! LOVE YA!!! Really, that meant so much to me:)

    • OMG – I just realized all your comments were going to my spam box for some reason!! I’m gonna have smack WordPress around a little for that. YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS!!! (And you should totally try hot yoga. It’ll make your eyeballs sweat!)

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