I finally did it

I wrote my About Me section. Check it out!

I also officially registered for the Oakland Running Festival Half Marathon.  And the 31st Annual Couples Relay.  I will be running with Kelsea.  According to our paperwork Kelsea is the female and I am the male.

16 thoughts on “I finally did it

  1. Running in Oakland? Now I’m seriously curious.

    I checked out your About me.. I am an engineer too(civil), I work in the water field. Engineers rock. 🙂

  2. Ha ha. I was going to ask a gf if she would be my couple for a V-Day race out here! Fun!

    Off to check out the About section… I love it when blogs have them!

  3. I loved your about me page ~ you are funny!!!

    I used to make fun of yoga…
    until I actually tried it once. Now it scares me because it. is. so. hard!!

  4. Are you an Oakland girl! Sorry for being too lazy to look at your About Me page before asking this. I’m an Oaklander, and will be at the race.

    I think no one signs up for the full marathon, because did you SEE the elevation? hell no.

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