A couple of wine lovers

I ran the 31st Annual Couples Relay on Sunday with Kelsea.  It was my second race in the Run for the Bling of it! challenge. Which do you like better – my bling or my bling holder?


After my first race I had only two goals: start at the right time and stay on the course.  And I am extremely happy to report I achieved both of these goals!

As for the race itself…well…it kind of sucked.  The relay was a whopping 4 miles total.  And each leg turned out to be two laps around not much more than a Target store.  My calves were still sore from Friday.  I didn’t get enough sleep the night before.  I wasn’t hydrated.  And my breakfast didn’t sit well with me.

I was still hoping to finish in under 15 minutes and ended up running 2.02 miles in 15:13.  I blame that 0.02 on the girl who played defense.  I went to pass her on her left and she moved to the left.  So I went to pass her on her right, and she BLOCKED ME AGAIN!  I would give her the benefit of the doubt and say she wasn’t aware that I was trying to pass her, but she kept turning around and looking at me! 

Don’t worry, I eventually got around her.  But I did almost have to body check her in the process.  I wanted to send her to timeout and give her a lecture on race etiquette.  Seriously.  Who does that?!

We also happened to be the only female-female relay team. 



This didn’t really bother us, but one of the race coordinators actually asked Kelsea, “What are you doing here?!” when she lined up with the men for leg two.  She told him she was a man.

But enough with the negativity!  I drowned all my race sorrows in copious amounts of Sonoma wine with Jason, Kelsea and her boyfriend after the race.  It was marvelous.






14 thoughts on “A couple of wine lovers

  1. “She told him she was a man.” Ha! I just snorted my coffee.

    I can’t stand people with poor race etiquette. It’s not the Olympics! Just move to the side and get over it!!

  2. You had my attention from the title!

    Love the fact that your partner told the person she was a man. Greatness! Not sure how exciting it sounds to run around target though!

    The wine part sounds marvelous!

    Great race report!

  3. Well done! 15 minutes is still pretty fast in my book! I hate it when people won’t let you pass them. I have this same problem, only while driving. In actual running I am too slow to face this situation too often… At least you had the wine! 🙂

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