Yoga binge

I usually go to yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays. But I missed Monday’s class. And (since we’re friends) let’s just agree to not talk about how Sunday’s activities may have contributed to my decision to take a rest day.

Needless to say, by yesterday afternoon I was ready to go.  I could think of nothing better to do than bend and twist my body into a sweaty mess.  And it was just as hot and wonderful as I hoped it would be.  I definitely walked both in and out of class thinking, “I need more yoga in my life.”

Now here’s the thing.  My yoga studio happened to be advertising the 30 Day Yoga Challenge.  It starts in March.  In reality all you have to do to join the challenge is set a goal and then try to stick with it.  For example, I could set a goal of attending class twice a week.  That would be reasonable.

Instead, I find myself considering absurd goals.  Help!  I need someone to slap some sense back into my yoga-crazed brain before I do something stupid.  For a month!

Speaking of things I need more of in my life…Frosted Mini-Wheats.  That’s all I have to say about that.


3 thoughts on “Yoga binge

  1. I am so gung-ho about new challenges, but I swear, I never follow through and finish. Even realistic goals are hard for me to achieve, because I put pressure on myself to do them. So I say stick to your current schedule, so that you can fit in some more wine time if you choose 😉

    • You are so right. I know you are! This is exactly why I needed to write this post. I’m just going to remind myself to, “Listen to Maria,” when I start thinking crazy.

  2. I must say that I completely agree with Maria. The challenge that you could take is to give yourself more time. So maybe instead of just going on a yoga binge you take the time to read a book, soak in a tub, or take in an extra yoga class ;0). I think that would be a great challenge because there’s no pressure to DO anything except give yourself more time to relax!

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