The beginning of a thought

I’m struggling a bit writing this post. I could do the usual and tell you about hunting down a treadmill on Friday to squeeze in a few mile repeats in the middle of the hurricane-tsunami we’ve been having here. Or I could tell you about handing out soggy Team Challenge flyers at the Bay Breeze 5K/10K on Saturday. Or about my long run yesterday. About how strong I felt for the first twelve miles, and how I fell apart on the last two. (Who picks out a fourteen mile route that ends on an uphill anyway?)

But that’s not really what’s on my mind. I’ve been thinking a lot about my fitness goals, my life, my career, who’s going to win The Bachelor and how it all fits together. And because this is a public blog all I can really say is I hope it’s Emily.

I will leave you with one other glimpse into my private life. It’s in the form of a quote:

All big things grow from little things. Every human accomplishment starts at the beginning. Each achievement starts out as a thought.

I have a thought. I plan to water it for a little bit to see if it takes root. When it starts bearing fruit I’ll share some with you.


9 thoughts on “The beginning of a thought

  1. oooh…a mystery.

    I like the quote. It is something I’ve been working on in my thoughts for awhile.

    Can’t wait to hear where your “little thing” takes you…

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