The beach pose

Typically Kelsea and I go to yoga together. We get there super early for some pre-practice meditation. Did I say meditation? I’m sorry, I meant to say gossip. It feels like the beach, and it’s the best. After all, it’s hot, we wear minimal clothing and cover our mats with beach towels.

But Kelsea hasn’t been coming for awhile. Her car was in the shop for like 5 years and she had no way of getting there. (Yes, 5 years is an exaggeration.) And what do you know? As soon as she got her car back she drove over to the dark side. P90X.

In a way it’s been good for me.  I’ve started to talk to some of the other students, and I like that.  And it’s forced me to revisit my reasons for going (i.e. yoga, not gossip).  But I’m still in the habit of getting there super early.  And what does EVERYBODY do EVERY time they’re laying on the beach NOT gossiping?

Read a book?  No!  They fall asleep.  That’s what.  I think I need to work on a mindful savasana.


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