It was one of those days. One of the good ones. I hit the bay trail this afternoon with no particular pace or even distance in mind. I was planning on an easy jog and pulled out a 10K at an 8:20 pace.

This is pretty good for me. It would have been a PR by several minutes if I had been racing. Although (to be fair), I haven’t really run a 10K while in shape, and I did stop twice to take some pictures.




Still, my photo shoots were short lived and I feel, in my heart of hearts, like I could have kept running the whole time. The fact that I still had effort to give makes me feel super optimistic about my next 10K race. (Now I just need to find one and register. Any suggestions?)

But it doesn’t stop there! I drove straight from the trail to the studio, where I was greeted by Superwoman. The hottest yoga teacher I’ve met. And just so we’re clear, in Bikram-speak descriptors that sound like “hot” always refer to the room.  As soon as I saw who was teaching, I knew it wasn’t going to be a relaxing stretch-fest.  Per usual the heat was cranked, and I got seriously serious workout number two.

Now I feel many things.  Mostly exhausted.  But also incredibly accomplished.  I kind of feel like a superstar.

4 thoughts on “Super-runner-yogini-girl

  1. Girl you are a superstar with that pace then the Bikram! I tried Bikram yoga for 20 days and wanted to fall in love, but didn’t. Perhaps I should try it again.

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