The Bay to Breakers breakup

For months I have been planning to run the Benicia Run for Education and Bay to Breakers.  I just hadn’t bothered to register yet.  So yesterday I grabbed my wallet and fired up my computer.  Only to find that Bay to Breakers is sold out.

What?!  Last year, anyone with conscience enough not to sneak their beer float onto the course could register on practically every San Franciscan corner the morning of the race.  This year, of course, they limit entries.  The year I actually want to run the race, with a bib on my shirt, all the way to the finish line. 

In a fit of rage, I began hunting down alternative races.  It didn’t take me long to stumble on the Tilden Tough Ten, a race I have heard of before and advertised as, “The original alternative to the Bay to Breakers madness!”  And not too long after that I figured out there was such a thing as the East Bay Triple Crown Trail Challenge.  This three race challenge includes the Tilden Tough Ten and the Lake Chabot Trail Challenge, a race I was already considering running as part of the Northern California Half Marathon Series

The marketer that came up with the idea of racing series clearly had me in mind.  I’m a sucker for those things.  One race? Yeah, that’s fun.  But three races?  Four races?  Yes! Yes! Sign me up!

There I was, delirious from learning one race would count towards two series and still on the Bay to Breakers rebound.  I was helpless.  What else could I do besides furiously register for all three races in the East Bay Triple Crown Trail Challenge?

Once my buzz wore off and my anger subsided I remembered that I will be attending my cousin’s wedding the weekend of inconsequential race #3.  In Texas.  I guess there’s really only one thing I can do now that I’ve wasted my money registering for a race I can’t run.  Console myself with a new pair of trail running shoes.


9 thoughts on “The Bay to Breakers breakup

  1. Instead of actually registering for races I can’t do, I just sit around and resent other people for getting married/baptising their kids/etc. on weekends when I want to race. Your plan of buying new trail shoe is much nicer.

  2. You were racing today!? Can I get a race review up in here!!?

    Ok the #1 exciting thing about blogging (which I’m somewhat new at) is the idea of seeing other bloggers — especially at races! Next time. You must be a bay area girl too…?

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