Hello, my name is Mrs. Sourpuss

I clearly cashed in all my good luck at the Oakland Half Marathon.  The Benicia Run for Education felt like the third trip to one of those ATMs with a $5 service charge.  Or like rolling snake eyes in a crappy game of craps.  Or some other stupid gambling analogy.  Let’s just say it didn’t go well.

My oh-so-wise inner runner is now reminding me of my awesome training regime:

1) I wanted to give myself plenty of rest after the Oakland half two weeks ago and was at a conference this past week for work.  This meant I did very little running and lots of eating.  I somehow managed to put on almost 5 pounds in two weeks, and I’d bet my last chip it wasn’t muscle.

2) I had two glasses of wine Friday night.  Doesn’t sound like much, but that was enough to brew up a hangover.  To overcome said hangover I drank two entire glasses of water.  Eight glasses are for pansies.

3) I ate a nutrient rich dinner of movie theater popcorn last night.

4) I washed that popcorn down with a Coke and was up until about 1:00 am.

5) Oh right.  It’s been a couple months since I did any speed work.

I set a goal of 51 minutes based on my recent 5K and half marathon times, and told myself I would be happy with anything under 52.  I knew the deck was stacked against me right off the start line.  I ran the first mile in 8:15 and it felt too difficult.  I hung onto that pace for 3 miles before hitting a wall.

My pace began to decline rapidly.  I kissed 51 minutes goodbye.  Every incline, however gradual, felt like a mountain.  I lost sight of my surroundings.  I stopped thinking about the tangents.  All my focus turned inward, onto how awful I felt and how awful the race was going.  I completely gave up.  I let go of 52 minutes and started to fear I would miss 53.

I played leap frog with two other women throughout the second half of the race.  As we neared the finish I was tied among the three of us for second.  The other lady started to pull away and I thought, “Great.  I have nothing left.  Just let her have it.”  Somehow I managed to stay close and barely pass her with one final surge in the last 50 meters.  I was happy to pass her, but disappointed I wasn’t well in front of her to begin with.

This is technically my fourth race in the Run for the Bling of it! challenge.  I am choosing, however, not to post a picture of my T-shirt.  Medals, also known as actual bling, were awarded to the top 3 in each age group.  I came in fourth and I’m bitter about it!

The race directors took pity on me and cut a quarter mile off the course, enabling a finish time of 50:05 (give or take a few seconds).  If I do the math (and you know I do), I should have finished in 52:07.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t a total fail…

7 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Mrs. Sourpuss

  1. Tsk tsk tsk… now remind me, WHO was it calling me out for MY bad attitude last week??? lol

    From what I’ve read, this has been a sucky race weekend for everyone!

  2. Your definition of fail and mine are radically different I think! However, we have been following the same training regime. It looks like it didn’t end up badly for you. I wish I could say the same for me…

    • Thanks – you’re too nice! I think it seemed like a fail because I felt AWFUL during the second half of the race. I wanted to roll over and die by the time I finished…ugh.

  3. Okay, so that time is still awesome! Sometimes you got to live a little (wine and popcorn!). I on the other hand seem to live all the time and forget to eat healthy and train. Then I like to bitch about my slow times. Hmmm…

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