Feelin’ good

If you’re wondering whether I wallowed in my post race funk for an entire week, the answer is yes.  Mostly because my sore calves forced me to waddle around like a penguin until Thursday.  The good news is I went for a long, slow run yesterday and realized where I went wrong.  Are you ready folks?  Here is my grand epiphany:

Running fast = Feels bad

Running slow = Feels good 

So that’s the plan!  Run slow and (by the way) blog once a week.  Hopefully my 2.5 readers will get by on a little less Laura.

I wish I had had a camera on me during my run yesterday.  I tried a new route alongside a nearby lake and on a back road.  I ran past a farm with a cow crossing sign out front and about 1000 little lizards darting in and out of the road-side brush.  It was very cool.  Actually, it was HOT.  I was pouring sweat like I was running through Bikram’s backyard.  But you catch my drift.

I did manage to get one post run pic though!


Jason watches about 50 Seinfeld episodes on an average day.  We own all nine seasons on DVD, yet he still records every television rerun.  Seinfeld happened to come to town, and I surprised Jason with dinner at Hudson (very yummy!) and tickets to the show.  Aren’t I a wonderful wife?

12 thoughts on “Feelin’ good

  1. You ARE a good wife!

    And you’re so right…I think I was more tired after my last 5K than I was after the half yesterday! Running fast hurts.

  2. Hmm… so you say this works? I cannot seem to go as slow as my plan dictates for my longer runs. I don’t know why. this way, I am either dying by the end of the run or taking walking breaks in the mean time. Maybe I should try to do slower runs too… But of course my fast pace is a ridiculously slow pace. Confusing!

    • I struggle to slow myself down at the beginning too, but I feel much better halfway through if I manage to reel it in in the beginning. I would definitely recommend it!

  3. That’s pretty hilarious that your husband records Seinfeld even though you have the seasons. Does he think they left a few out or what?!

  4. So this post just STUCK in my mind. I think I oughta get a tshirt printed, big blocky letters, on the front Running Fast = Feels Bad, on the back Running Slow = Feels Good, and then underneath that, How’s My Running and a 1800 number, like on the commercial trucks. Someone’s gotta represent!

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