Longing for a partner

As you know I’ve decided to take it easy on the running front.  By easy I mean slow, and I have no second thoughts or doubts about my decision.  The trouble is I’m struggling to maintain a reasonable minimum speed.  Yeah, yeah.  I know what you’re thinking…”You just said you were okay with taking it slow!”

Well that’s all fine and good as long as you’re running faster than INFINITY minutes per mile!  Or should I say ZERO miles per hour?!  I can’t seem to get my bum off the couch, yet I continue to consume cookies and candy and ice cream and popcorn like I’m burning hundreds of calories a day.  The more I consume the heavier my bum gets and the harder it is to lift it off the couch!  It’s a viscious cycle.

What I would really like is a running partner.  A regular appointment I can’t back out on.  I could use Jason, but he generally motivates me in the following way.

Laura: How about we skip today’s run, sit on the couch, drink wine and eat ice cream instead?
Jason: Okay.
Laura: You don’t want to run?
Jason: Not really.

I love Jason.  He’s my life partner.  But I don’t know if he’s earned the descriptor of “running” just yet.


6 thoughts on “Longing for a partner

  1. Haha! I had just sat in front of my computer planning to write about how I miss a running buddy to pace me in the easy runs and talk to me to keep going after mile 12 on the dreaded long runs. Great minds think alike I guess. And you have to live on the wrong side of the state… I am actually thinking of joining a running group. Have you given that any thought?

    • I was actually thinking of you while I was writing this! Ha!

      I have thought about joining a running club, but they’re all far enough away to be pretty inconvenient. Oh well…

  2. That’s life, you brought up something that’s generally bugging everybody. It goes beyond sports but it is a common problem for humans regardless of our status, sex or moment in life…

    Sometimes we miss that partner, even to marvel at time or as you brilliantly explain in your blog, to run a few miles…

    In my case, I miss a partner for tons of things but I try to fall back on myself and decide to do things on my own…boring but you can always count on that- me myself and I-

  3. I feel your pain. When I run alone I think that I am awesome and in shape and the best runner EVER because running feels good. Only when I run with my husband and want to die after do I realize that I must be going at a snail’s pace alone. And then I need to go lay down.

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