Pimples and terds

I managed to squeeze my bum into my running tights the other day before it hit the couch.  And thank God for that!  I had such a great run.  It’s hard to go wrong when the sun is shining, there’s a good tune tuning and you’re running slow.  I’m always glad I ran after the fact (and usually during the fact too).  It’s the getting started part that’s a challenge.

I realized yesterday part of the reason why my motivation is lacking.  When I’m feeling lazy all I want to do is get a run over with as quickly as possible.  I want to get home, change my clothes Spiderman style (as in quickly, not into a red and blue, skin tight jumpsuit), run out the front door and be home before I realize I’m gone.

The problem is there are hills every which way I look.  It’s hard to tell yourself, “Just do something.  Go for a short, easy run and be done with it.”  Because hills are generally hard.  In a way, it’s good they’re there.  If I’m not willing to go out of my way to run over flat terrain, then I’m most definitely not going out of my way to run up a hill.  But these days they’re getting in my way.

After coming to this realization I entertained myself with naming a few of my favorite troublemakers: 

The Pimple – The pimple is a very small hill, just a bump really.  It’s existance in my one mile “flat” loop is mostly just annoying.

Hades – “Hades” sounds similiar to the street name on which it resides.  I have to shift into second gear to drive up this oneish mile hill.

Triple Ripple – When I ran track in high school we trained on a series of (you guessed it) three hills dubbed “Triple Ripple.”  The Californian version is nestled in my neighborhood.

The Mountain of Death – Named as such for this reason.

The Terds –  Net elevation change of ~300 ft in about a mile and a half of rolling hills.  They make me feel like poop and they’re often covered in poop. (The hill traverses a sheep farm.)

Several were lefted unnamed.  Any suggestions?


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