All the ways in which I am psychic

DISCLAIMERS AND APOLOGIES – This post has nothing to do with fitness or exercise in any way.  It is also another post in my Photoless series.

A couple weeks before the tsunami in Japan I had a dream.  I was on vacation in Hawaii.  In my dream that is.  I went on one of those touristy bus tours.  Only it was a van.  And the only sight I remember seeing was water rising all around the van.  It came about a foot short of reaching the top of the van.  I was afraid we would drown and started freaking out a bit.  But the water subsided and we continued on.  We arrived in a big city shortly thereafter.  Some of the traffic lights were out and water covered the streets. 

I remembered the dream the next morning, but quickly tossed it back into my subconscious.  It wasn’t until the morning after the tsunami when I heard mention of the wave reaching Hawaii that I remembered my dream.

Flash forward.  On Tuesday, I talked to my mom about a number of things I won’t get into.  She told me to pay attention to my dreams.  I had a couple dreams that night.

In one dream a couple of twenty-something girls were pressuring me to do drugs.  I had one of those feelings in my gut.  It just felt like a really bad idea.  But I forgot my D.A.R.E. lessons and succumbed.  Yesterday I was (in my real life) randomly drug tested at work.

So now I can’t help but wonder if the other dream I had Tuesday night is going to come true too.  If you promise not to judge me, I will tell you what happened…

I was in a big convention room.  A bunch of business people were busying themselves doing businessy stuff.  While I sat.  On a toilet.  Pooping. While this was taking place Jesse Pinkman (from Breaking Bad) asked me out on a date.  I replied by saying, “You just asked me out, and I’m totally taking a crap right now!”  We both had a good laugh about it.  End dream.

What do you think?  Does Jason need to prepare himself for some competition?

6 thoughts on “All the ways in which I am psychic

  1. Were you married in your dream? I sometimes have these bizarre dreams where I end up on dates with some guy and like halfway through I realize that I’m already married!

    • It didn’t really come up in this dream. I’ll also have dreams where I really want a boyfriend or something and then I’ll think, “Oh yeah. I think I’m married.”

  2. Funny! You gotta love dreams and how they mess with your subconscious self! They tie just enough reality in to make you question your sanity!

  3. lol so funny. That dream psychic thing happens to my husband quite often. I can’t remember it ever happening to me though. It’s really weird some of the stuff he has dreamed.

  4. That is too funny. I had a dream this weekend that I ate a whole papa john’s pizza, and it felt so real that I asked my husband if we ordered pizza the night before.

    PS – Thanks SO much for letting me know about the google reader problem. I finally fixed it. I seriously appreciate it!

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