Half a runner

Only a year ago I was running on a regular basis and couldn’t muster up the words, “I am a runner.”  Well, it seems I’ve done a complete 180.  Now I am a runner that doesn’t run.

I came to this conclusion this past Saturday.  I met up with a sorority sister of mine who was in town to run the Nike Women’s Marathon.  She picked up her packet before we got together but forgot to grab safety pins for her race bib.  As we were standing by the entrance waiting to be permitted into the expo it occurred to me that I had safety pins in my purse.

Not from my last sewing project or for some other domestic purpose.  They were from a race.  What do people use safety pins for anyway?  You know, besides pinning race bibs to running clothes.

As it turns out I only had two safety pins.  I guess that makes me half a runner these days.

And the half of a runner in me had a great time with Katie the day before her first full marathon.


She rocked it.  So much so that I might be able to convince her to run another one with me next year.  (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge Katie.)

I was supposed to meet up with G(r)eek Melie too, but an afternoon with my closest 23,000 friends left me feeling pretty drained and somewhat under the weather.  Fortunately, she managed to survive the crowds Saturday and Sunday.  Go tell her how awesome she did!

10 thoughts on “Half a runner

  1. AHHHHHHH I MADE THE BLOG! I had a great time with you, thanks for helping calm my nerves.

    Now I have to convince Grant that traveling to run is a great way to spend money. I’ll start hinting that December 2012 is a great time to see his sister, and while we are there, we might as well run a marathon. Maybe that will do it. 🙂

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