The roller coaster of life

I had a dream last night I went to a buffet and they were out of everything I wanted to eat.  All that was left was a grand total of about six pieces of moldy lettuce.  Then I woke up.  At 4:30 am.  Because my back hurt.  Besides pain, I felt tired and frustrated over that stupid buffet.  So that was bad.

But, alas, it was only a dream.  And my real life kitchen was freshly stocked with these.  I haven’t eaten one yet, but I feel pretty confident they’re going to be good.


Now isn’t that cute?  Jason got them for me for my birthday (which was yesterday).  I was totally surprised because we had already celebrated my birthday this past Saturday.  We ate dinner at what turned out to be a very mediocre restaurant in San Francisco and then saw this.


Yes, I realize this is the worst picture ever taken.  But it was the only one I took.  In case you’re having trouble seeing past the glare I will tell you that we saw Richard III.  Kevin Spacey played Richard.  And (let’s just be honest here) that’s why we went.

I came to the realization pretty early on that I am not quite bright enough to enjoy a Shakespearean play as much as I should.  I thought briefly about familiarizing myself with the plot ahead of time, but, well, I didn’t.  And the bathroom line during intermission rivalled a pre-marathon port-a-potty queue.  So that wasn’t as good.

But, alas, the parts I did follow were pretty awesome.  As it turns out Kevin Spacey is successful for a reason.  And there was a bit of a modern twist on the whole thing that was pretty cool. So my birthday celebration was good, all things considered.

But back to today.  After finding the cupcakes I went to work.  I spent about half the day writing a report.  I hate writing reports.  So that was bad.

And then I spent the rest of the day re-writting that same report after my co-worker accidentally saved over the first copy.  That was definitely worse.

But, alas, it was completed.  I’m home now, sitting on the couch, and Jason just called to say he’s on his way.  Now that’s the best.

6 thoughts on “The roller coaster of life

  1. Happy Birthday!!

    I would love to see that play! Kevin Spacey performed this in the ancient theater of Epidaurus this Summer for which I saw a recording and it was just really really good. That guy is a very good actor. And Richard the III is actually one of my favorite Shakespeare’s plays. Though I am not sure at all that I would get anything if it was played in the actual Victorian English. I have only attended some of the plays in Greek translations.

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