Getting to the point

My good friend Elsha knows how to write a blog.  Every time I read one of her posts I think to myself, “I should try and write more like Elsha.”

If I were to write a tagline for Elsha’s blog it would say something like, “Little amusing anecdotes from everyday life.”  Okay, maybe my tagline needs some work, but let me tell you what I like about her posts.

They’re always short and sweet – never intimidating to read.  Yet they somehow tell a whole story.  And those stories are always entertaining.

I, on the other hand, ramble on as if my little corner of the internet is not limited to 3 GB and someone other than my mom wants to read every last byte.

Case in point – I am now on paragraph #5 and still haven’t gotten to the point…

While inactive I would like to write about other things.  Let’s say, little anecdotes from everyday life.  What do you think?  Is that allowed on a fitness blog?

10 thoughts on “Getting to the point

  1. Hey, the blog says right in the title that you’d rather sit on the couch. So I think some stories involving sitting on the couch are in order! Or you know, whatever you want to write about, because I’ll always read it all.

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