I’d like to occupy my house

While talking about my daily life I suppose it’s only fitting that I mention work.  The two are, after all, pretty much one in the same.  Today, for example, I got out of bed at 5:00 am.  I got ready for work, drove to work, worked and then drove home.  The clock read something around 5:45 pm after this was all said and done.

I will try to drag myself to bed sometime between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm in order to prepare for the next dreaded 4:30 am wake up call.  This means 75 – 80 percent of my waking day is spent doing something at least quasi work related.  During winter this also means I only see my home shrouded in darkness (during the week anyway).   Blgh.

I work for a big company at a job behind a desk.  I crunch numbers.  I reply to emails.  I go to meetings, and I write reports.  And let’s just be real here.  I don’t love it.  Oftentimes I feel trapped inside a Dilbert cartoon.  Or a scene from Office Space.

But this is what I do.  Because there is one thing about my job I like very much.  And that is my paycheck.

This is also why I find the “occupy” movement particularly annoying.  Believe me.  I wouldn’t mind going camping with my friends while someone else earned my paycheck for me.  And as far as I can tell, that’s their objective – cash handouts.  I mean I like to complain as much as the next guy, but shouldn’t there be some kind of goal to a massive nation wide protest?

12 thoughts on “I’d like to occupy my house

  1. Yes, my paycheck was just about the only thing I liked about my job. (Well, and the GREAT insurance I had, only I didn’t realize how great it was until we had to switch to crap insurance.)

  2. Pretty sure that goal isn’t “blood coffee” like the yahoo on the megaphone who marched into Starbucks. I’m still annoyed by that guy.

  3. “Does somebody have a case of the Monday’s?”


    I agree with you on these “occupy” people. Why don’t they spend their time doing something worthwhile, like GETTING A JOB?!

    • Unfortunately I am not kidding you. Isn’t it disgusting? What I didn’t mention is that at 6:30 am, I am the LAST person in my group to get there in the morning.

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