Don’t cry over spilled milk

What a week!  I’m emotionally and physically exhausted.  You’re probably not interested in a detailed itinerary, but I’m going to share anyway.

Monday – Up at the usual 5:00 am, work, home by 5:30, evening spent cooking for our holiday potluck at work*

Tuesday – Up at 5:00 am, work, pick up a couple gift cards, stop by the grocery store, attend a Team Challenge mentor info session, home at 9:30 pm

Wednesday – Up at 5:00 am, work, work some more because several “We need this by the end of the day!” things came up**, home at 7:30, take care of miscellaneous chores around the house

Thursday – Up at 4:15 am because my back hurt and I couldn’t sleep, work, work some more**, home at 6:30 pm, start wrapping presents…

We adopt a family through the Salvation Army every year for Christmas.  I really like doing this, and I’m glad we did it again this year.  But I just wasn’t up for all the wrapping, boxing and labelling that had to happen before today’s drop off.

At about 10:30 pm last night, while trying to fit a present into the delivery box, I accidentally ripped a huge gash through the side of an oddly shaped present I had spent forever wrapping.  And so I lost it.  I shut myself in my bedroom and cried.  I’m choosing to blame this on pregnancy hormones.

Friday – This morning there was only enough milk left for half a bowl of cereal.  I made myself a bowl anyway.  And then proceeded to spill half of it on my favorite blanket.  I almost cried again.  But I didn’t.

The good news is I’m now on vacation,*** and I have almost two weeks off!  Today, in celebration, I plan to drop off the Adopt-a-Family presents, pick up some photos at Walgreens and get two shots.  Let the fun begin!

*I have decided that a potluck is not the way for your employer to thank you for all your hard work during the year.  After all, preparing a dish is just more work.

**I’m pretty good at prioritizing my work and managing my time.  I do this to avoid working over time.  Is it really so much to ask that other people do the same thing?

***Even though I did find myself in this dreaded conversation yesterday:

“Are you working next week?”
“No.  I’m on vacation.”
“I can bring my laptop home.” (sigh)
“Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.”


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