Pretty lip curls

Well, I learned my lesson.  I’ve been busying myself with Christmas preparations since last Friday in an attempt to avoid another last minute temper tantrum.  I’ve also had some time for a few fun Christmasy activities.

Friday night we went out to dinner at Cypress in Walnut Creek.


I forgot we had eaten there before, which goes to show how much of an impression it made on me.  I will remember this time.  The food was great and the service was amazing.  The chef even came out and talked to us.  That was a first for me!

After dinner we saw A Christmas Carol.  It was also good and a fun way to kick off “Christmas break.”


Jason took this picture before the show started, and I’m posting it for one reason only.  It’s one of the better ones.  (Yes, even with the bright white face and red eyes.)


Allow me to elaborate.  Do you ever check out your blog stats?  You know how it will tell you what search phrases lead people to your blog?  Well I get the most hits from search terms like: elvis lip curl, elvis presley lip curl, elvis lip, lip curl, lip curl to side… you get the idea.

So I finally did a little Google image search, and guess what the second image is?  Only the worst picture I’ve ever taken.  Don’t ask me why I chose to post it on the internet (or link to it again for that matter).  So I think it’s only fair that I get to post a picture just because I like it.

Saturday night we went to a Christmas party at a co-worker’s house.  The only picture I managed to take was my weekly belly shot beforehand.


Last Thursday I mentioned something about, “before I leave,” in a meeting.  Another co-worker asked me, “Where are you going?”  I can’t remember what exactly I said, but I somehow referenced the baby.  To which he replied, “You’re pregnant?!”  The crazy thing was he was actually serious.

The funny thing is just the day before someone else asked me, “You’re only having one??”  It’s amazing how many comments I get on my size.  And it’s always one extreme or the other.  I keep waiting for someone to say, “Wow!  You look like you’re exactly the right size considering how pregnant you are!”


11 thoughts on “Pretty lip curls

  1. I’m probably not the best judge considering I’ve never been pregnant or anything. BUT her are my observations:

    1) I saw you three months ago and I noticed you were “with child” even Grant noticed.

    2) you aren’t the Titanic. In fact, when I saw your belly picture I thought, “wow, she’s tiny. Has her belly even gotten bigger since I saw her?!”

    Based off these two things I feel confident in saying “Laura, I’m no expert, but you look exactly the right size condidering how pregnant you are!”

  2. First, you look so cute! And exactly the right size 🙂

    Second, I think people have to be very careful about commenting on a pregnant woman’s size. I had a friend whose baby had some heart problems and people were constantly telling her that she looked so small. They meant it as a compliment, but it was very upsetting to her because of her baby’s condition. Really, a “you look great” is about all anyone should say.

    • That is so true. I’m fortunate in that my baby doesn’t have heart problems, and I’m confident enough in my weight that the comments mostly just amuse me. But you never know when there’s something else going on. Always best to stick with a “you look great.”

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous in those photos. 🙂 You’re adorable with a baby bump!

    Have you ever considered adding your email address to your blogger profile so when you comment I can reply to it??? That sure would make my life easier. LOL

    In response to the four(!) comments you left me today,..

    1. I would absolutely shit my pants if anyone ever cooked dinner for me.

    2. Psht. You’re gonna have your speed back in no time.

    3. The x-ray didn’t show a break, but MAN something is just not right! Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I swear it feels like that rib is sticking out more than the others.

    4. Yes $6 registration! Awesome, right? It’s part of the TN state park running tour. Preregistration with the no-shirt option is $6–$19 with a shirt. Or $13 on race day with no shirt. Can’t beat it!!!!

  4. I think you look small, but that’s probably because you’re all belly. I pretty much think anyone who’s all belly looks small. Probably because I just get fat all over. But I’m not sure how your co-worker could mistake that belly for anything else.

    • I love you for saying I’m all belly. Even though you’re wrong. Ha! My thighs grew out of my pants literally months before my belly did. My legs are up two pant sizes. And let’s not overlook my massive breasts!

      BTW – You look pregnant. Not fat.

  5. Wow, you are a seriously CUTE pregnant girl! Your belly looks perfect, and you’re all belly. Glad you guys got to go out, enjoy it while you can!

  6. I think you look amazing! And very pretty. How can people look good in photos? I was never able to look even half decent. I have no idea about how pregnant you should look but you look like those women who when they walk in front of you, you would think they are just tiny and when they turn, they have a baby belly. Funniest surprise! 🙂

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