That’s me on the couch

Well, today is my last day of vacation.  Which means tomorrow I go back to work.  I’m sad to see it end, but can’t really complain about my two day work week.  It also just occurred to me yesterday that next week may only be three days.  Next Friday is my 9/80* day off, and I’m pretty sure I get Monday off for the New Years holiday.

Christmas break was also fabulous, of course.  I managed to clean the house pretty thoroughly, take care of a few miscellaneous chores I’ve been putting off for awhile and still have time for loads of baking, crafting and TV watching.

I was most impressed and engrossed by the first season of Downton Abbey.  Jason has found equal enjoyment in teasing me about my interest in PBS programming.  But I promise you.  It’s really good!  And the Season 2 premiere is January 8th!

In addition to teasing, Santa Jason also brought me a heart rate monitor to go with my Garmin.  I’m planning on doing some effort based (as opposed to pace based) training in 2012 so this will come in handy.


And on a completetly unrelated topic – Jason’s Christmas cactus (that’s what it’s actually called) finally sprouted one bloom two days before Christmas.  Now isn’t that special?


*I work a 9/80 schedule at work.  This means I work 80 hours in 9 days.  I work 9 hours a day instead of 8 and get every other Friday off.


6 thoughts on “That’s me on the couch

  1. Yay for a fab Christmas! I am excited to hear about your HR monitor. We have one too but never use it!

    Our Christmas Cactus always blooms in Nov. It’s ahead of schedule, I suppose.

    I work a similar schedule – 8 nine hour days per pay period and one 8 hour day so I get every other Friday off. Next week is a 3 day week for me too!

  2. Am I just in time for your New Year’s holiday? This time different makes it really hard to estimate (I promise I will never complain again for my dad waking me up at 3 am because he never gets it right). I hope your new year vacation is just as fun! And I got the same strap for my garmin too! I guess now I can NOT train efficiently 😉

  3. Sorry your break is over but I’m glad your holiday was nice and yay for the Christmas cactus! Bloomed right on time!
    Yes, I’m a skating coach–for real! : )

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