Are we there yet?!

Happy New Year!  I celebrated by falling asleep on the couch around 10:00 pm.  I woke up for about 5 minutes.  Long enough to see the ball drop and Lady Gaga shivering in the cold.

I suppose that means it’s time to talk 2012 and what I plan to do with it.  On the fitness front I have one primary goal:

1) Run a full marathon – I’ve completed one full marathon in my day.  Avenue of the Giants in 2006.  Some of you may recall that this was the first race I ever registered for, and the second race I ever ran.  I didn’t know what the hell I was doing both in training and during the event.  Needless to say, it wasn’t pleasant.  I was happy to cross the finish line and swore I would never do one again.

Well friends, after 5 years I’m ready for a rematch.  I don’t want to simply finish.  I’ve already done that.  I want to train properly and run a decent race.  I will have a time goal.  I have absolutely no idea what it will be at this point, but I will by the time I get there.

The marathon will most likely happen at the end of the year.  I need time to get back into running and build a sufficient base.  This is by no means finalized, but I have my eye on CIM.

And one secondary goal:

2) Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight – I’m right on track to gain about 40 pounds.  I would have preferred to gain the recommended 25-35, but my doctor tells me this is okay for my size.  So there it is.


I don’t plan on doing any crazy dieting.  But I should be able to lose it by the end of the year.

There are a few other fitness related things I would like to do, but won’t beat myself up over if they don’t happen:

3) Get back into a regular Bikram yoga practice – I expect it will take some time to get back into yoga after the baby is born.  Mostly because it will be logistically challenging.  I will consider myself a superstar if I’m in the habit of going once a week by the end of the year.

4) Complete the 200 sit-ups challenge

5) Complete the 100 push-ups challenge (“girl” push-ups are allowed)

I’m pretty excited to back up and out there!  Let’s get this show on the road!


11 thoughts on “Are we there yet?!

  1. haha! Aren’t you supposed to have the baby before you get the show on the road? 😛 I like the CIM as a marathon choice. All downhill. The only Northern California full marathon that even I would consider. Happy new year!! Lots of success in all your goals and in everything else 🙂

  2. Wasn’t that short interview with shivering Lady Gaga so weird?!

    Awesome goals for 2012! I know what it feels like to want a better marathon. I hope it happens for you! 🙂 I have heard great things about CIM.

  3. Let me just tell you, if I can manage to lose 40 lbs within a year after Kalena was born (actually, 50 by the time I got pregnant with Will) you can definitely do it before the end of the year! Because all I did was weight watchers and running is a MUCH more effective way to lose weight.

    P.S. You totally don’t look like you’ve gained that much weight.

    • Yeah, I’m hoping that most of the weight will come off by the simple act of not being completely sedentary.

      And I’ve (only) gained 30 pounds so far. But my weight gain trend has an R^2 of 0.99 (Yes, I actually have this plotted.), and it’s telling me I will reach 40.

  4. 40 pounds of all belly! You don’t look like you have an extra ounce anywhere else! Sounds like you have some great goals set. I remember while i was pregnant with amelia thinking, “What I would give to exercise!” even though I never worked out before she was born. I just felt like I was getting fatter by the minute and there was nothing I could do about it. Hang in there! You’re so close (yet so far away, right?) 😉

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