Would you go for “Tense” or something else…?

We took down our Christmas tree last weekend and the corner looked so bare.  So Jason suggested we buy a plant, and I agreed.

Now let me back up for a minute and tell you how much Jason loves plants.  Seriously.  When we were house hunting we told our realtor that we wanted a small yard.  Something easy to maintain but present in case we ever got a dog.

Now that we actually have a yard Jason spends more time gardening than reading comic books.  Or playing video games.  Put together.  I know most of you don’t know Jason in real life, but this is pretty remarkable.

We recently amended our budget to include one less paycheck (mine) and one more baby.  The first month we tried to stick to the budget we only went over in one category.  Gardening.  And I think we all know who is included in the pronoun “we.”

So needless to say, shopping for this guy was a treat for Jason.


And this reminded me of a discussion Jason and I had about baby names.  At some point I stumbled across a name that means gardener – Hortense.  And suggested it for our daughter.  In Jason’s honor of course.  Isn’t it lovely?

So this became a running joke for several months.  One night I asked Jason, “What do you want in a name?  I mean, what kind of names do you like?”

And he said, “I kind of like longer names.  So there are different nickname options.”

I started to say, “You know what the perfect longer name is for nickname options?”  I got about as far as, “You know…” when I realized just how unintentionally funny my joke was.  I burst out laughing and never made it to the punch line.

6 thoughts on “Would you go for “Tense” or something else…?

  1. Our husbands would get along very well. Mine tends to all the plants and loves it too. We wish we could have a garden in our yard!

    Hortense! Hee hee 🙂 I kind of like it. Better come up with some better nicknames though 😉

  2. LMAO… “Awwwww, look at the cute little Hor…”

    That tree thing is pretty awesome. We really need something green in our house, too… the only live plant we have in here is an easter lily that my parents-in-law sent me when my granddad died 2-1/2 years ago. It’s no small miracle that I’ve kept it alive.

    • I have definitely killed every plant I have ever owned. If it weren’t for Jason the indoor plants would be fake and I would probably have a wood chip lawn.

  3. Jonathan just suggested we get some plants in our house too! That’s a beautiful tree you got. Maybe next year you could just hang some lights and ornaments on it 🙂

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