I suppose this is what they call “nesting”

I’ve been working really hard since I stopped working.  I started by completely re-organizing our kitchen.  In the end, I managed to completely empty about 3.5 cupboard shelves and put together a large bag and box of stuff for Goodwill.  More importantly, everything I use frequently is now very accessible.

I also cleared out about half of our linen closet.  Now there is room for all 21 baby blankets we plan on keeping.  That kind of makes me laugh.  But Jason wants to keep them (Maybe he has a little more hoarder in him than I thought?), and Elsha assures me we will need 10-12 per day.

Allow me to be positive for a minute here while I’m on the topic of blankets.  A friend of Jason’s mom, who neither Jason or I have met, made this for us.


This is one of those presents I absolutely love!  I love that it’s homemade, and I love that it’s red.  Red is so much more romantic than pink.  There’s a reason I continue to dye my hair red, despite the fact that it will bleed onto my yoga towel.  (Yes, from the sweat… Oh how I miss you Bikram!)  I mean, let’s face it.  I only considered pink highlights once and didn’t even follow through.

I also happen to love this little guy!


He is also homemade.  Store bought frogs don’t come with capes. Before my baby shower a co-worker asked me if we had a theme for the baby’s room.  I replied by saying something like, “Uh…superheroes?”  Because this is the room where all of Jason’s action figures are kept.  And we don’t plan on moving them.  The same goes for my Chemical Engineering textbooks.  The poor girl’s geeky fate is already set in stone.

But we are moving some things around so as to fit a crib, a baby and all the paraphernalia that goes along with one.  That’s still a work in progress.  But I’m busy washing and organizing and collecting broken twigs.  Pretty soon I’ll be ready to hatch a baby.


6 thoughts on “I suppose this is what they call “nesting”

  1. You probably won’t need 10 EVERY day. Just some days. And inevitably those days come after not having done laundry for the last week. I probably have 2 dozen baby blankets and use them all. (When I have an infant. Toddlers don’t go through nearly as many.)

    That frog in a cape may be the cutest frog I’ve ever seen. Also, that quilt is beautiful, and the colors make it not just a “baby” quilt.

    • I know you didn’t mean 10-12 EVERY day. Although you never know, if this baby inherits Jason’s digestive track we just might need that many EVERY day!

  2. Nesting is wonderful. If only I did it more often than just while pregnant. And homemade gifts are the best. Those are the things that will mean the most. It’s good that you’re getting everything in order, and I’m not sure if I’ve said this but that so awesome that you’re able to stay home with the baby! Fun times are in your future. 🙂

    • I think everyone needs some external motivating factor to do a good “spring cleaning.” I used to move like every year and would get rid of a bunch of stuff each time. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate in a year.

      And I’m super excited about staying home with the baby too! It will definitely be different. I can tell after just one week. Too bad you and Elsha don’t live nearby!

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