A more traditional kind of bling

We went over budget again this month.  This time in the category of jewelry.

A couple weeks ago I stopped wearing my engagement ring and wedding band.  They still more or less fit, but they’re really tight when it’s warm out.  And I start to freak out that they’ll get stuck.

So Jason bought me this for our anniversary, and it arrived in the mail today.


It’s pretty much identical to my wedding band.  Only this one is made with cubic zirconia, stretches and cost $3.75.

8 thoughts on “A more traditional kind of bling

  1. I think that’s awesome! Very creative. I actually lost my wedding ring about a month ago, for about a month. I knew it was in the house somewhere, but just couldn’t remember what I had done with it. I put on a hoodie and my daughter reached into the pocket to warm her hands and there it was! Whew.

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