Yesterday wasn’t my favorite day.  Mostly because it included a maternity leave paperwork status check.  I had been dreading it and didn’t quite understand why.  Now I do.  Here is what I learned:

  • No, my doctor has not submitted any paperwork.
  • No, the HR company that handles the paperwork will not contact me again until after the deadline has passed.
  • No, my doctor was never going to fill out said paperwork.  (I guess she thought the email I sent her a month ago asking her to fill it out was a practical joke?  As was her reply saying she would do it?)
  • No, my doctor cannot fill out the paperwork on her own.  I need to be there.
  • No, my doctor cannot turn in said paperwork to the medical secretaries that work in the same building as she does.  I will need to do that. (These secretaries then submit the paperwork to this HR company.)
  • No, I cannot turn in the paperwork to the medical secretaries on Wednesday after my appointment because they will be closed.  I will need to make an extra trip on Thursday.  And since my doctor’s office is on the other side of a bridge, that trip will cost me $5. Not that $5 will break the bank.  I’m just opposed to paying for someone else’s incompetence on principle.
  • No, I don’t trust that the medical secretaries will submit the paperwork by the end of the week when it’s due.

Okay, I’m done with that.  Onto brighter events!  Today I got to eat lunch with my favorite fitness partner.


And when I got home from running a few errands, I found some completed paperwork on my kitchen counter.


What’s a little paperwork mishap in the grand scheme of things?  I’ve got me one hell of a man.

6 thoughts on “Paperwork

  1. Ah, maternity leave paperwork. Good times. For me it wasn’t the office stuff that was bad, it was the insurance stuff. I didn’t realize how quickly insurance wanted me to add the baby, so I did it at the end of my 6 week leave. But by that point ALL the claims had been denied, so every bill we got I had to call and have the hospital resubmit it to insurance so it could be reprocessed. Obnoxious.

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