I know…what a cheesy title.

Moments of Exhilaration tagged me with a blogger award of some kind the other day, which I found extremely flattering.  She has been recognized both by the Freshly Pressed editors and myself as being an honest and beautiful writer.

I’m going to play along with the 7×7 Link Award and highlight a few posts I’ve written in the past:

Most Popular – An announcement

Surprise Success – And here I go linking to the worst pictures ever taken of me (The limiting factor) AGAIN.  Although I find them hideous, Google image searchers LOVE them.

Most Controversial / Most Underrated – I don’t have much that’s controversial.  But I’ll go ahead and link to a couple posts (Pick on someone your own size and Would you like fries with that?) on weight loss that I thought were somewhat thought provoking…and didn’t get much attention.

One of them didn’t transfer over well when I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress.  So I cleaned it up a little yesterday and apparently the update came across like a re-post.  In case anyone was confused, I wrote this in 2010.  I have definitely not lost 15 pounds while pregnant.

Most Helpful – This is a tough one, and makes me realize that my posts are not generally “helpful.”  I think because I don’t feel like I’m enough of an expert on anything to be giving advice over the internet.  But I can regurgitate my own research like I did for The ice bath experiment.

Most Beautiful – Also, my posts are not typically “beautiful.”  But let’s go with Vacation Part 1: The best views.

Most Pride-worthy – Realizing I was capable of a lot more than I thought after slaughtering my 5K PR at the Walnut Creek Turkey Gallop in 2010.

And how about I just continue with this link business and pass on some love to a few blogs I’ve recently started following:

i like margarine – A runner who writes funny stuff about all kinds of stuff, including running.

Becoming Cliche – A momish sort of blog.  Also funny.

Cate’s World Kitchen – A runner and a new mom.  So, you know, you can see why I read it.  Includes recipes and pretty pictures.

4 thoughts on “Linkalicious

  1. See, now I feel stupid for assuming you just read that article from 2010. I wonder if I commented when you wrote it originally. I also assumed that you didn’t lose 15 lbs while pregnant so I’m not sure why I didn’t make the connection that it ALL happened before you were pregnant.

  2. Ha, no worries. You weren’t the only one. It’s kind of annoying that it like re-posted it. It’s funny because I linked to that post under Most Underrated because it didn’t get much attention at the time. Because now I’m getting a bunch of feedback. My blog must have just been too new in 2010.

  3. I, too, was going to say, “You lost 15 lbs while pregnant?!” Weird that it re-posted. Anyway- only 3 more weeks!! I’m more than excited for pictures of the baby lady.

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