Now we just have to move

And we’ll have covered all of life’s major changes in the month of February.

Jason got a new job.  This is the thing we celebrated at dinner the other night that I couldn’t mention (because it hadn’t been announced yet).  Same company.  Same location.  No promotion.  So what’s the big deal?

Well, he was ready for a change of pace and this was a job he wanted.  So that’s good.

But the big change comes with the schedule.  Which is rotating shifts. I worked there for six years and only now am I forcing myself to learn the rotation.  I imagine it will make perfect sense once Jason’s actually on it, but for now the rotation is a complicated algorithm that I will not attempt to explain.  Simply put, he will work 12 hour shifts. Sometimes during the day, sometimes at night, sometimes during the week and sometimes on weekends.

When I told my mom her immediate response was to say, “OH NO!!!” But I actually think some good will come out of this:

The refinery operates 24/7.  The purpose of the rotating shift is to have someone there, well, 24/7.  Jason will be responsible for what’s happening while he’s there.  When his shift is up, he will turnover to someone else with the exact same job.  This means that Jason will NOT HAVE TO TAKE HIS JOB HOME. And, believe me, that will be a welcomed change.

This also means he will truly work a 12 hour shift.  That sounds like a long time relative to the 9 hour day he’s supposed to work now. Except for he doesn’t work 9 hours a day.  It’s more like 11.  And when you consider the extra days off, that 1 extra hour doesn’t sound so bad.

Speaking of days off, once a month he gets 7 of them in a row. Which could be convenient for planning trips.

But perhaps most importantly, we knew he would have to take a rotating shift position at some point in his career.  And now just seems like the best time.  I would barely see him if I was working full-time.  At least now I’ll get to see him when he’s off during the week.

There are, however, a few things that aren’t the best about the schedule:

He may end up having to work during other scheduled events like weddings, races and holidays.  Now he can use vacation to work around some of that.  But he has to pick that vacation like now. Before I have, say, my 2012 race calendar finalized.

And since he is the most junior of the group he can’t use vacation to get out of, say, Christmas night shift.  Which I am surprisingly okay with. We will just celebrate Christmas another day.

Establishing my own routine might also be a challenge.  I’m already thinking about how I’m going to fit in long runs when the babysitter’s schedule is constantly changing.  But we’ll get through it.

Oh yeah and sleep…between my two babies that’s going to be CR-AAA-ZY!!

4 thoughts on “Now we just have to move

  1. This sounds like it is going to be an awesome change. Once he adjusts to it, it’s going to be so great to have all that time at home. And like you said – he already worked such long hours, why not do 3-12s? I keep wishing I could do 4-10s!

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