Grocery store revelations

It was apparent while grocery shopping yesterday that I have babies on the brain.

Specifically, breast feeding.  Apparently it’s a supply and demand sort of thing.  The baby demands more.  Therefore, mom supplies more. Okay, most of you probably already know this.  But I got to thinking, as I scanned my grocery list, that Jason kind of works the same way when it comes to certain foods.

Only opposite.  The more I supply, the more he will consume.  As far as I can tell, there’s no limit.  He will devour absolutely all there is available of the following: Raisinets, spreadable butter and chipotle flavored Tabasco sauce.  Interesting combination…

And speaking of milk (How about that super smooth transition?), I picked up a gallon that expires on 2/20.  That is two days AFTER my due date.  Wow.

5 thoughts on “Grocery store revelations

  1. Due date is so soon! From personal observation, I have noticed that most men are kind of like that. And they tend to eat whatever you put in their plates, regardless of quantity. Like the cats.

  2. Does he consume all the spreadable butter and Tabasco sauce in one sitting?? I’m confused 🙂 That is SO AWESOME that your baby will be here before your milk is gone! Yay!!!

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