Place your bets

It’s less than a week until my due date (2/18).  Baby preparations are complete.  And Jason and I are now patiently awaiting her arrival.  Did I say patiently?  I don’t know that that was the best word to use there…

We went out to dinner last night while we still can.  And spent most the time placing bets:

  • When I’ll go into labor.  I’m betting on over.  Jason took the under.
  • How long labor will last.  As I’m typing this, I’m realizing that we never actually finalized this bet.
  • How many times we’ll go to the hospital for false labor.  I bet zero, and Jason bet once.  Jason wins if we go more than once.  I win if we don’t make it to the hospital for the actual delivery.  For some reason I feel like I got the raw end of this deal.
  •  How much the baby will weigh.  I’ve got 7 lb 13 oz.  Jason has 8 lb 2 oz.  Closest takes the win.

In most cases the winner gets a baby.  The only exception is the baby sex bet.  Jason proposed a new laptop as his prize if it’s a boy. I agreed to a wallet.  If it’s a girl, I get a car wash.

Anyone else want in?  You will not get the baby if you win.  It’s only fair that I bring this up now in the interest of full disclosure.  I will, however, tell you congratulations.

13 thoughts on “Place your bets

  1. I’m going to guess Baby boy comes on your due date, so you can join me in the 5% of people who’s babies come on their due date. I’ll guess labor lasts 20 hours from the first contraction, and that you’ll never go in for false labor. I’m thinking he’ll be 7lb 2oz, 20 inches. Good luck!! By the way, are you telling a name before he arrives?

  2. Oh wait, I just remembered you’re having a girl!! Hahahaha. As I was reading this I thought, “Lucky Jason gets a new laptop!”

  3. I’ll vote for a Valentine’s Day baby. It’s okay that I don’t win the baby if I’m right, one’s enough for me.

    Maybe you can do some heavy lifting to encourage things along, if you’re eager to get it over with. Squishy was born 2 1/2 weeks early, and I blame all of the heavy moving boxes I was packing the day before. Probably not a method recommended by most health professionals and competent individuals.

  4. I’m betting on late baby, 14 hours of labor, zero false labor, and weight of 7 lbs 6 oz. And I’ll be checking your blog constantly to see if things are happening yet!

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