Really super extremely very unlikely

I went to the doctor today, and left with the same diagnosis as last week:

It does not appear that labor is “imminent.”

Now I’m not one to fret over a few days.  What worries me is the complete and total lack of even subtle foreshadowing.  I’m afraid that means labor is still like WEEKS away.

So I asked my doctor, “Is it possible for me to go from like zero to go-time suddenly?”

To which she replied, “Oh yeah.  It could happen quickly.  You could go into labor tomorrow.”

Then, after pausing for a moment, she added, “But that’s unlikely. That’s probably not going to happen. That’s really very unlikely.”

I don’t remember her words exactly.  But I do believe she repeated herself at least three times and definitely used words like “really” and “very” when describing my odds.

So I’m trying to keep a positive attitude about this.  Jason starts his new job tomorrow and will be working a lot over the next week.  And I’m just assuming I have at least another week before someone (either baby girl or Dr. Kaiser) decides enough is enough already.

In a few months I’ll probably be looking back at this week and marveling at all the precious alone time I had.  Without very much to do I might add.  Why not appreciate it while it’s here?  So, dear friends, I ask you.  What would you do with a week to yourself and no responsibilities?


15 thoughts on “Really super extremely very unlikely

  1. Some babies aren’t really all that interested in coming out. Both of mine were perfectly happy in there (I assume my uterus has a La-Z-boy and a bag of Doritos) and had to be induced at two weeks overdue. Indeed, you will marvel later at all the free time you squandered pre-baby. I vaguely remember crying a lot and being angry at everything, but maybe that was just me. 🙂 I will keep my fingers crossed for you to randomly go into labor really, really soon.

    • Yeah, this girl must take after her mother and her love of the couch! (I must have one in utero as well.) And I’m sure I’ll do my share of crying and being angry once reality hits. That sounds like me.

  2. Maybe the baby will decide to come quickly for you. I remember my Mom telling me I was late but then when I decided to finally come out it was quick – I guess that could be an upside to the waiting?

  3. Addie was nine days late and didn’t seem like she was coming any time soon… then when labor started it went really fast. I showed up at the hospital 10 cm dilated!! It will come, don’t worry.

    As for what to do with your alone time… lay on the couch. I hear you like that 😉

  4. SLEEP! Seriously. I was so resentful of Amelia when she was born because I just wanted to go to bed and wake up whenever I wanted. But never again, for the rest of your life. Sorry.

    I know, realistically you can’t sleep all day and night until this sweet RUBY (which I LOVE) gets here, but if you could I would be very jealous!

  5. I’m sure the engineer part of you appreciates statistics, so here’s one for you: 41 weeks 1 day is the typical length of a first pregnancy. (Which is exactly how long mine lasted with Kalena.) And yes, it is SO disheartening to go in for weeks in a row and have the doctor say, “Nope! Nothing’s changed!”

    I should probably tell you to just enjoy all this free time, but really until you’ve had the baby you won’t know how much you COULD have enjoyed it. So here’s my suggestion: make freezer meals. You won’t want to cook after the baby is born, so make a bunch of stuff that freezes well and throw it in there. That way you won’t end up eating takeout every night. Maybe that suggestion is boring and practical but a) it takes up a lot of time and b) you will REALLY appreciate it later.

    • Yes, the engineer part of me DEFINITELY appreciates statistics. Where did you find this data about 41 weeks 1 day? I’ve read a lot of anecdotal info saying it’s normal for a first pregnancy to go long. But the only actual numbers I’ve seen say the peak is actually right around the due date, with a standard deviation of about a week on either side, and essentially no difference between first and later pregnancies.

  6. Oh you sound just like me w/ my first! I was so anxious to be moving on to baby phase and out of pregnancy phase (and he was “late”). But yes, take this time to rest up and enjoy the slower pace of life–it really will be worth it when you are feeling exhausted in just a short time!

  7. When I was pregnant with Leah I quit working 11 days before my due date, no sign of labor and my doctor was sure I would go at least a week late. I planed to clean and go see a couple movies in the theater and bought a new book and she was born the next day… So it is very unlikely, but you never know! If I had a week to myself now I would (since running/exercise would not be an option) read and go buy myself a milkshake as often as possible! I totally agree with the freezer meals!!!!

  8. Maybe you could wave that supercool cape-wearing monkey around and the kid will come dashing out to play with it! Glad I could help.(Of course, the full extent of my baby knowledge was learned during a particularly unpleasant trip to McDonald’s today, so what do I know.)

    I’m ready to step in as guest-blogger for the duration whenever you go on leave. Of course I will have alienated your entire readership by your return.

    As a lurking reader and fan, I just wanted to say good luck and I hope it goes well. So … Good luck! And I hope it goes well.

    your fan gary

  9. So reading this now cracks me up – really unlikely, huh?
    Ha ha ha!

    By the way, if I lived anywhere near you, I’d gladly bring you a tupperware container full of chili for the freezer. It may be a Southern thing, but people here love to cook for new parents. Hope you’re enjoying your time with Ruby (and kind of getting some sleep? maybe?)!

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