Breastfeeding is harder than Chemical Engineering

Ruby will be one week old tomorrow.  Holy crap this baby business is CRAZY.  Pretty much everyday I ask Jason what day it is.  They all just seem to blur together.  Here are my top ten learnings after a week on the job.

10.  Labor is DEFINITELY more painful than running a marathon.

9.  Epidurals are the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Actually, I take that back.  I would take an epidural over a slice of bread any day.

8.  Ruby operates in two states of being: won’t sleep or won’t wake up.  Now if only we could get her to do exactly the opposite.

7.  Grandma is much better at calming the baby than Mom is.

6.  I am totally on board with the poopy diaper, spit up thing.  That’s by far the easiest bit to manage.

5.  The baby blues are no joke.  I cry somewhere between 10 and 20,000 times per day.

4.  I have a feeling losing the pregnancy weight is going to be a breeze.  Simply because I can’t seem to remember to eat.  Jason is already down 10 pounds. (I know.  Don’t worry.  I don’t plan on taking up anorexia.)

3.  Jason also happens to be the world’s greatest man, husband and father (already).  I think I’ll keep him around.

2.  Breastfeeding is WAY harder than Chemical Engineering.  I know because I’ve now done both with marginal success.  I could already write a book about my trials and tribulations, but I’ll spare you the details for now.  Let’s just say the jury is still out on whether it will all come together.

1.  Getting out of the house is awesome.  We went for a walk and broke in the BOB for the first time yesterday.


14 thoughts on “Breastfeeding is harder than Chemical Engineering

  1. #8- I operate under the “don’t wake the baby” philosophy. As long as baby is gaining weight.
    #7- That’s because grandmas are MAGIC.
    #5- I cry regularly when I am postpartum. ME. And you know how often I cry normally.
    #2- HELL YES. Feel free to call and discuss; I struggled SO MUCH with Kalena. I am full of tips and tricks, or just ready to commiserate!

    She’s a doll, Laura.

  2. Your post takes me back… two years and 3 weeks to be exact! Hang in there. It gets better. At the time for me each week seemed endless, but now I can hardly remember the blur of that time. As for #2, it was the hardest thing I ever had to learn to do, but now feels like such a wonderful accomplishment. Your baby is gorgeous!

  3. Hang in there new mama you are doing great. Breast Feeding does get easier. I came from a family where none of the mother’s breast fed so support was a bit lacking simply due to lack of experience. The first 3 weeks are THE HARDEST…after that it actually begins to get better and soon you wonder what life was like without it. However its a long three weeks.

    Your little girl is gorgeous!!

  4. I haven’t taken Chemical Engineering but I believe you! Breastfeeding was by far the most difficult thing in the whole process, but it does get very easy and the rewards far exceeds the challenges. Keep it up :-).

  5. 9 – Totally agree. 🙂
    7 – Grandmas are magic. (LOVE it, Elsha!)
    4 – For the first one, absolutely. For the second, I think I gained weight in the hospital during delivery!

    Hang in there! You’re already out of the house – that’s a HUGE accomplishment! I didn’t want to walk or leave the house until Allison was like 6 weeks old!! You’re doing great!

  6. #7- I know you have ZERO time to read but we really like Happiest Baby On The Block’s methods of swaddling, shhhing, swaying. But yes, Jonathan and I were just remembering how Elsha could easily calm Amelia down when we were totally clueless.
    #5- totally. People are like, “why are you crying?” “I have no idea! *sob* *sob*”
    #4- I had a total loss of appetite after both kids. Don’t worry, it’ll come back.
    #2- The first week of breastfeeding SUCKS. Don’t give up yet. Maybe write a blog about your trials so we can all try to help! It definitely gets better/easier/less painful. Hang in there!
    #1- Even opening my front door was so freeing for me. I felt like I was trapped in my own house. That also goes away, but definitely get some sunshine!

    You’re doing a great job, and she is so dang adorable!!

  7. First–CONGRATS! How adorable is she? And second–the new baby thing is SO hard. All worthwhile, but so surprisingly hard. Sleep deprivation, no “me” time, etc. It’s a hard adjustment. Just know that it will only get easier every day. Keep those walks going–it will make you feel better. Enjoy!!

  8. Breastfeeding is hard! The challenges have changed each time, but it has not necessarily gotten easier with each additional child! It does get easier as the baby gets older though… hang in there!

  9. Oh, congrats mama! Just gorgeous. And YES, I promise, promise, promise breastfeeding gets easier. I know it’s hard to believe right now and I didn’t at first either, but it does. PS–I’m a chemical engineer too (well I used to be anyways.)

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