Two weeks

Ruby turned two weeks old on Saturday.  Here’s a little peek into her world.

As of Friday she had regained her birth weight.  Up to 8 lbs 2 oz and 19 inches.

It’s no wonder since she’s such a pig!

Thankfully her feeding frenzy tends to happen in the day.  We still have to wake her a few times during the night for feedings.

Although she will sleep, she likes to be held all the time and has trouble doing so on her own.  She’ll wake from a sound sleep the second you lay her down.  Right now it’s working because Jason is off work and Grandma is still with us.  So we can pass around the baby. The real test will come around mid March when Jason is back to work and Grandma is back in Colorado.  Any tips?  It’s unlikely I will be able to stay awake 24 hours per day.

Her umbilical cord fell off, and we gave her her first bath.  She hated it.


We gave the Moby wrap a try and she really took to it.  Woohoo!  I like (mostly because I think Ruby likes) that it smooshes her up against my chest.  My only complaint is it seems like a bit of a process to wrap up all that fabric and get her into it.  Does anyone have recommendations for carriers that are less bulky and easier to slide baby in and out of?



24 thoughts on “Two weeks

  1. I love her expression in her froggie pic!

    And I love cudding with newborns! 🙂 Aww. I guess it would be frustrating if you could not put them down to sleep though 🙂

  2. Lay her down and let her cry. Other wise you will pay dearly. you don’t want a spoiled baby because no one will want to keep your baby. If she goes to daycare they will not hold her and pass her around because she won’t sleep. And if you are planning on being a stay at home mother. you will even get tired and the novality of all that holding her and crying will wear off.( Please dont take that advice the wrogn way. Although its heartbreaking hearing them cry its best to break her now. trust me she wont hate you lol. ) Congrats and good luck on you new edition.

  3. Okay, I’m not a mom, but I do have lots of kids with babies! Do you swaddle? I’ve had a couple of friends that started doing that because their baby always wanted to be held. Or so they thought. Turned out it was just wanting the feeling of something around them. Just a thought…

  4. You definitely CANNOT spoil a 2 week old baby. Don’t just let her cry, it’s mean and I’m sure you can’t stand hearing it (as most parents can’t.) I find that swaddling works wonders, and also my girls liked to be layed on their side. It also gets better as they get older, so maybe in a month you’ll be able to set her down 🙂 Do you have a bouncy chair or swing that she’ll sleep in? If so, let her sleep in it at night. I say, anything to get sleep! And trust me, you’re not going to ruin her by letting her sleep somewhere besides her bed for a couple months.

    • Yeah, we’re not the cry it out kind of people. So we won’t be doing that. She doesn’t seem to like being swaddled. She kicks, punches and cries when we try to wrap her up. When we do get her swaddled she always seems to find a way to get out of it. We do have a swing. She would sleep in it the first couple days if we put her in it after she was asleep. But it’s been awhile since we’ve been able to lay her down in it without her crying…oh sigh. We don’t have a bouncer, but I think we need to get one.

      • I don’t want to just sit and spew unsolicited advice, but if you want my take on swaddling let me know! I think all babies hate it at first, but it is a wonderful tool!

      • Addilyn will only be swaddled with one arm. If we do a full body Swaddle she freaks out but as soon as we figured out to leave one arm out she’s ok. But, if she doesn’t like to be swaddled, she doesn’t. Some babies don’t. I saw someone recommend white noise too.. We definitely use white noise!

  5. I love it! She’s so adorable and it sounds like you’re doing a great job, even if you are exhausted and confused. Shows you’re trying 🙂

    We loved the Baby K’Tan. It’s a lot like a Moby, but it’s pre-wrapped, so It’s much easier to get on and off.

    Adeline was the same way with never wanting to be put down. She napped on me (often in the sling) for months and we co-slept at night and I held her (or wore her in the sling) most of the rest of the time. She never liked a bouncy seat or a swing. It does get exhausting. I realized at one point that I’d been in physical contact with her for 24 hours and I almost lost my mind. Get some support, it’s so key. And I’m glad you’re not the cry it out type – there is so much evidence that it’s bad for baby.

    As far as breastfeeding goes, I saw your comment on my blog. I had been planning to come comment anyways, so here goes:

    The nursing all the time thing lasted for about four months for us, because Addie was colicky. It was really the only thing that helped. And even with constant nursing, it never hurt. I know it’s frustrating to just hear the same thing again, but it really shouldn’t hurt. Sometimes it seems like they’re latching but they’re really not. Have you tried different positions? Nursing while lying down was always great for us. And I’m sure you know this, but have you tried Lansinoh? I put it on my nipples multiple times a day for the first several months, and at least twice a day up until probably nine or ten months. I’ve also heard it can help to put the Lansinoh on your breast pad, so that it’s constantly re-moisturizing. I’ll keep trying to think of more advice.

    As with all things with babies, just keep going. They change so quickly, whatever is worrying you right now will be gone before you know it. And you’ll have something else to worry about! Lucky us 🙂

    • Thanks for all the tips! I’m definitely going to check out that wrap. Oh man, I hope the constant nursing doesn’t last 4 months! Did you just get used to nursing her a ton in public? Right now I don’t feel like I can really get out of the house with all the nursing.

  6. I am just catching up on your blog. All these things are so familiar. Now for unsolicited advice (as if you aren’t getting enough, but once I got the ‘mom card’ apparently I feel like it gives me free reign to share opinions – lol!) Beckett was the same way, he wanted to be held for a really long time to fall asleep (try 9 months), Cayden was less (6 weeks). Swaddling was awesome for us, I highly recommend Halo newborn type – they have wings that you velcro down easily. They didn’t figure out how to escape until 4/5 months old.

    As far as baby carriers – I had a Bjorn, but I hear lots of great things about the Ergo too. Moby was overwhelming to me!

    I have the exact same picture of Cayden after his first bath but I think he was a puppy 🙂 Love it!

  7. Oh, I also wanted to recommend the Miracle Blanket for swaddling. Adeline could get out of every other swaddle we tried, but she loved the miracle blanket. We used it until about four or five months.

    And if things get really bad, consider getting an exercise ball. Adeline loved to be bounced, so we would just sit on it and hold her and bounce. It was kind of miserable, but it was better than hearing her scream.

    Here’s hoping she’s not colicky!!

  8. She’s so cute 🙂

    I too tried the moby wrap. I found it difficult to put on by myself while also holding the baby. So i bought a baby bjorn. The baby can face in toward you while she’s little and then can face out to see what your doing (like cooking or grocery shopping) when she can hold her head on her own. My daughter loves it.

    I also had a hard time getting my daughter Emilia to sleep at first and she did not like swaddling, so I would put her in the swing or the carseat to sleep and I think she liked it because it was very cozy and closed it. Also I use white noise ( a sleep sheep) so it sounds like the inside of the womb.

    Hope these suggestions help and congratulations again


  9. Sounds like good advice coming your way. Kristi loved being rocked. Jason just went to sleep easily. Every baby is different. I would try a white noise machine. There is one that includes a heart beat which a baby might like. Got mine at a Hammersmith type store. If you want, I can bring it March 22 when I come. Maybe she will grow to love her bath.

    • Doesn’t surprise me that Jason went to sleep easily! He’s just an easy guy like that. Ha! The white noise machine does sound like something worth a try.

  10. As far as swaddling goes I have found I love large gauze/muslin blankets. They are stretching and cozy but I was not too concerned with baby overheating. I would wrap them up nice and tight when I knew they were tired and needed help going to sleep. At first you have to hold them really tight and rock/sway them to sleep with lots of shushing and maybe a binky if you decide to try one again. If they are really fighting it I would have to re-wrap or sometimes they pooped or needed to eat again before they fell asleep because they were fighting it for so long. Eventually they start to fall asleep faster, then I worked on laying them down swaddled but drowsy and sitting next to them/rocking them in bed (I have the Fisher Price rock and play sleeper… LOVE it). I would say by the time they were 8-9 weeks old I could lay Nora and Kendra down totally awake and they would fall sleep on their own (I would have to go in and comfort occasionally or stick a binky back in). With Kendra I waited until about 5 months to work on going to sleep unswaddled in the Rock and Play and then moved her to her crib (I always started new things with naps, then did night time when that was going well). Kendra only sleeps 4-5 hours at a time still, but it is shockingly blissful! She wakes to eat then goes right back in bed with no fuss. Leah was a whole other story! That girl was attached to me 24/7 for 18 months! That worked too! I found with the other two though it was essential for me to have a more predictable schedule to be any type of sane, nice Mom to the older kids! I am flexible though, when Kendra is sick (or any of the girls) she sleeps in our bed and there have been nights when she was a bit younger that she just could not go to sleep on her own and John and I would have to sit up rocking her for a couple hours. They get it eventually though. They need help learning to sleep and just being habitual about it helps. With Nora and Kendra I had to end the falling asleep while nursing thing pretty early because the sleep suckling was killer on my nipples. It is a curse and a blessing that my kids don’t nurse to sleep, but it is nice now that I can go out for a ladies evening and know that Kendra does not NEED me to go to bed. Also, I am definitely not a believer in CIO, but there will be some crying (fussing might be a better term) here or there when you work on new skills and it is okay.

    • Oh Sarah, you sound like such a competent mother! I’m jealous! Keep the advice coming. I appreciate it and will definitely try some of this. I am thinking we should re-introduce the pacifier. Maybe around the time we try working in a bottle.

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