People call her Boobie

Remember when I used to blog about running and stuff?  Yeah, I’ll get back to that.  Eventually.  In the meantime, how about I mention a few more baby bits I forgot to mention in my last post?

When I was in college I spent a week sitting a dog with malfunctioning tear ducts.  Over a mere hour or two, enough “protein” would build up in his eyes to seal them shut.  Cleaning it out was, well, disgusting.  I needed a hand to hold his head still, a hand to open his eye and a hand to clean out the goop.  Unfortunately, I only had two at the time.

Well, Ruby also has a goopy eye.  Although I still only have two hands, Ruby is perfectly content to let me wipe away while she’s nursing.  And she’s much cuter so I don’t really mind.


She also has hairy ears.  I’m guessing this is something that will go away over time, but I find the idea of it sticking around for the rest of her life kind of amusing.  Does that make me a horrible mother?


I also find the nickname Ruby Boobie pretty amusing.  A nickname she has totally earned.  Jason told me the other day (after hours of nursing) that he was concerned for my nipples.  And I started to cry. Because I was touched by his thoughtfulness.  Oh postpartum hormone fluctuations.

She’s also a strong, little baby.  (Sure, there’s a small chance that I’m biased.)  We lay her on her back to sleep, but since day five she has invariably rolled over onto her side.  She’s starting to build up some neck muscle too.  Yesterday she managed to lift and turn her head while she was laying on her stomach and a few times while I was holding her upright against my chest.  It must be all that milk.  Doing a body good.

4 thoughts on “People call her Boobie

  1. Hairy ears are pretty funny. That’s awesome that she’s already lifting her head! Strong little lady! I think I’ll start calling her Ruby Boobie too, I like that. 🙂

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